It’s December and time to…

Hang up the bunting!
With my love of crochet and needing a little project to do whilst visiting a relative in hospital (well reading would be rude and there’s only so long a one way conversation can keep going), I decided to look at YouTube for some inspiration.

I’m in the early days of crocheting and find watching someone is way easier than following a pattern, once I’ve memorised it I do try and write a sort of pattern myself- hopefully I will soon use the same abbreviations as the professionals ….

So I searched for Christmas ideas and up popped this lovely little tree.
I watched the video first and then got started.

Once I’d made ten I stitched them to some velvet ribbon.
Added a little Christmas Sparkle with a blob of glitter glue and it’s done,

I’ve put it on my Etsy shop but won’t be too sad if it doesn’t sell …
Thanks for reading,
Back next week
Love Rosie

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A plain box no more…

Recently, my mum offered me some drawing paper, canvases and a portable easel, all items a friend of hers was passing on. Needless to say I said ‘yes please!’.

So, one day I was looking at the box which is the easel and decided that it was just asking to be decorated.
Without much thought, I must confess, I picked up the box and my drawing pen and started to doodle.
As is often the way with me, I started to draw flowers. I kept going until I had covered the top with these flowers …


Once I’d covered the whole thing I started to add a little colour…


You can just see, in the last picture above I added some greenery, this was done with a little bit of sponged green around the edges …       13

and that’s it, I quite like it now and it is now just sitting and waiting to be taken out for some painting soon.

Thanks for reading,
Back soon
love Rosie


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Wooden Brooches…

Whilst sorting out my drawers and cupboards which contain all my crafty bits and bobs I came across these birds and owls.
I had bought the owls for a photo-shoot of craft makes for a magazine article, sadly although my article was taken, the magazine went out of print before it was published …. Oh well, I will keep going!
So I decided that the birds, already coloured would look nice with a little gold marker around the edge of the birds and with a fine gold pen a nice little intricate pattern drawn over the entire surface.

Once dry I glued on a brooch back and voila it’s done, I really liked these so I have packaged them for sale in my Etsy shop.        24     25

The owls were similarly decorated though as these came uncoloured, I coloured them in before decorating with the gold pens again.

I really love these gold pens and markers, they write on anything, are permanent and just give a really nice finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading,

love Rosie

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Bargain cushion cover…

Whilst changing buses on my route home from work the other day I found myself with 4 minutes to spare; so I  popped into a fabric shop to look in their remnants bin…

One of the pieces I hastily grabbed was some Sanderson ‘William Morris’.

There was just enough to make an envelope style cushion cover. This means you need no zip fastener as the fabric overlaps at the back. (Here’s an easy to understand YouTube site showing you how to make this type of cushion cover – you’ll never look back once you’ve tried this!) #nomorezips

I really like the fabric but felt that the flowers were crying out for a little embroidered detail so I did that and voila – it’s made…

Thanks for reading.
back soon, Rosie

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Fabric Painting on tea-cloths…

My family have a rule that we give each other little presents at the Christmas dinner table which have not cost us a fortune….
A couple of years ago I decided to have a tea theme with a little bag of gifts for all,              I bought some fancy tea bags and drew on some wooden stirrers  DSCF2163  and added a tea-cloth for everyone which I had drawn on with fabric pens…
Here’s what I did:-


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading, oh and don’t worry family… I don’t think you’ll be getting such daft things this year, well maybe not… If you fancy doing this I used Sharpie Fabric pens and also Ikea fabric pens.
Back soon.
love Rosie

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Can’t stop crocheting flowers….

A friend recently gave me some self-cover buttons amongst other bits and bobs yet to be used. I covered the buttons in some gorgeous fabric which another friend had given to me (yes I do have some very lovely friends!).

I covered the buttons and then decided to use some of the crocheted flowers and leaves I have been making whilst travelling to and fro for work and home.
Here’s what I did…
11.png   On a beautiful warm evening I collected my material, wools, my flowers and leaves some felt, the new buttons and a needle & thread.  Got myself comfy with some good music in the background and started…

2To cover these buttons you need to cut a piece of fabric to the correct size (they do have a guide on the back of the packet) and then stitch with running stitch all around the fabric circle.

You simply lay the top of the button onto the wrong side of the fabric and pull both ends of the thread to draw up and over the button Then tie tightly and  snap the top on.31.png              4

The button is going to be the centre of the flower .

So next I took a little piece of felt to use as a base. I had once bought a crochet flower from a craft fair before but disappointedly it curls up when you wear it, I’m hoping that by fixing a piece of felt as a backing the flower and leaf will stay in place…5

and that’s it, a brooch back stitched to the back and the button stitched in place on the front. 7
Thanks for reading
back soon, love Rosie



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Yoga mat bag…

My daughter asked me ages ago to make her a bag for her yoga mat, I have to confess I misheard and thought she wanted me to make her a mat.  Doh…

Anyway I finally got around to it and this is what I did…

I had been given these two lovely fabrics by a friend and they are very nice to work with.

I cut the material to fit the rolled up mat,  using the two colours.
Stitched in the handle and the circular base, added a drawstring with brass rings to stop the cord going back in !

and it was done. 12

Its a really quick make and as it shown here –
fits and helps store the mat neatly! 13

Thanks for reading, see you next week


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Applique cushion with vintage fabric….

Firstly folks I have to confess that this is not actually vintage fabric but lovely new fabric in a vintage style.
My friend of … eek… a lot of years, kindly gave me some of her beautiful fabric.
She’s a skilled patch worker and although I am keen to try more of that too, I do love applique, and whilst folding and tidying my fabric stash I decided to use some of it.

I have many of these cushion covers which I bought in IKEA. I do love to make things in their entirety but really, these are well made, the zip is concealed and it doesn’t seem worth doing that bit myself when the decorating is the fun part!

So on a nice warm afternoon I fixed some of the reds and greens to some Bondaweb and then started cutting out the leaves and the petals.

Once I had some of various sizes I started to lay them in place, leaves first then the largest petals, removing the paper backing and pressing them in place with a warm iron. Finishing up with the smallest petals and leaving a hole in the middle.

Then I took myself into the garden and started blanket stitching with embroidery silk around the raw edges of every petal and leaf, whilst listening to a play on the radio and enjoying a coffee… bliss.
(OK there was quite a lot of hand sewing around all those petals so it wasn’t done in one session… I had quite a few sessions – mostly in the garden though, it’s been a lovely long hot summer in England!)

Once I had the petals and leaves in place and stitched I started on the centre. I had some of the same type of fabric in a pale yellow and cut it into little strips, these I folded over and stitched so the edges were all folded in, then I looped three of them and stitched in place and rolled the fourth and made it the centre.

I’m not sure what flower it is meant to be but I like it.
My daughter says it’s Christmassy, too Christmassy for everyday?
So now the decision – do I keep or put on Etsy…

Thanks for reading
Back soon



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Sunflower cushion…

A lovely friend recently celebrated her half century and I decided to make a gift. As I’m enjoying decorating cushion covers at the moment I decided to do one for her.

I was advised that her favourite flower is the sunflower and got started…

First I drew the basic shape in pencil, a large head almost filling the cushion front.
I painted the petals in fabric paint and added a couple of yellow bees too.
I allowed the paint to dry for 24 hours and then pressed with a warm iron to ‘fix’ it.



I then embroidered around the edges of the petals to add a nice texture to the cushion and clearly define the petals.

The centre is 15cm in diameter so I cut a piece of yellow felt, I then added a little ‘felting’ to add texture and then started on the mammoth task of sewing seed beads on, three at a time.
It took ages and half way through I cursed myself for starting ….but I kept on and when I had completed it, I was really happy with it. The beads add a nice texture to the cushion.


I stitched the centre in place and then went all around the circle with a blanket stitch in embroidery silk.
Then I completed the bees with black embroidery silk.


It’s already with the birthday girl and hopefully a comfy addition to her sofa.

Thanks for reading, back soon,
Love Rosie

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Free fabric…

On a recent journey home from work I had a few minutes to spare right by a fabric store, it would have been churlish not to take a look, right?
They had a few books of sample fabrics, they were rather huge and much as I wanted to take these books – oh I forgot to say… they were free!!!! they were really too heavy.
Just as I was about to walk away, disappointed,  I spotted some little books, one with real silk fabric and one with a synthetic silk, yippee!
I grabbed them quickly and got my bus home.

When I came to use them I chose the real silk one and cut away the fabric stuck to paper – kept it though, must come in handy for something…
I selected all the beige and mushroom colours and sewed them together in their squares, rather handily they fitted together rather well in a cushion size.


I then carefully ironed some reds and oranges and golds and greens to some Bondaweb.  I then drew some flowers and leaves and cut them out.


I ironed them in place and then with embroidery silk I spent some happy hours going around all the said flowers and leaves with blanket stitch.
I added some gold sequins with a button on top for the centre of the flowers and then stitched the whole thing to a square of fabric.


I’m quite pleased with my freebie cushion cover – what do you think?
Thanks for reading,
back soon
Love Rosie

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Mini Plaque….

Back to the world of miniatures this week. I was sat at my desk trying to decide what to do, I saw a small piece of wood and started to cut a rectangular piece, sanded down the edges and then picked up more drawing pen and started doodling.
I had been talking to my daughter who had told me about getting hit on the back of her head by a dragonfly … and so I started to draw a dragonfly.
Well it seems as good a reason as any other.

So here’s what I did…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s going to feature in my ongoing drama which takes place on Instagram and is called The Littleton Family Story – click here to see it for yourself.
Thanks for reading,
Back soon, love Rosie

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Sewing machine cover…

I have already made a cover for my sewing machine, and I do love it, but I think it will better suit my sewing room/studio which sadly only exists in my mind at the moment.IMG_7449
As I do all my arts and crafts in my sitting room I try, to hide everything away.
So when I took out my sewing machine to make a yoga mat (I’ll show what I did to make that in a blog soon), I finished sewing and squeezed it back in the cupboard and poked all the wool and fabrics and ribbons and glue etc etc that all live in the cupboard with it and then remembered that I had another project I wanted to sew!

My very understanding husband said I should just leave the machine out on a little side table, but the lovely caravan cover was a little bright and so I decided to make another cover….

I had made a patchwork quilt with some lovely fabric my friend Lisette had given me but the small quilt was just laying on the end of the spare bed and as the colours matched the sitting room furniture I decided to use it to make another cover!


I cut the newspaper pattern the long strip is the width of your machine and the length is the measurement all over the machine from one side edge to the next, and the rectangle pieces are the front and back of your machine,

I sewed it by hand whilst watching the TV, slightly ironic I suppose 6

and then machined some ribbon around the bottom edging.
Green patchwork sewing machine cover

I’m pretty happy with it, and until I get my dream craft room it can stay out of that cramped cupboard.

Thanks for reading,

back soon

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Simple make-over

I had decorated a heart shaped box bought from the Works and had it on my Etsy shop for a while.
But it didn’t attract any buyers so I decided to change it. P1090906
I didn’t really like the heart – cut – out lid so I took it off.
I then decided to simply rub it down and paint it white.
Once done I decided to cover it in a lovely paper I bought from the Literary Gift Company.
(A very dangerous shop indeed…. don’t say you weren’t warned, if you find your purse soon empty!)  IMG_7193 I over lapped the corners to keep it neat!

Then lined the box with felt.
Added a new coat of gold marker to the top edge and that’s it.
Once done I decided to pop the remote controls in it and that is what it is still being used for!
Thanks for reading,
(yes that is a little model railway you can see in the coffee table, I’m not the only one making things in this house!)
back soon, love Rosie

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Napkins… (Crochet)


Following on from my cushion decorating with these crochet squares, I decided to decorate some new napkins.
I sorted through my crocheted ‘granny’ squares and then crocheted the flowers and leaves,
I then spent a few happy minutes sorting through my button box for 4 matching buttons that would suit. Do you have a collection of buttons?
Did you, as my younger sister and I, get to sift through your grandmothers collection of buttons?
My Granny kept hers in a round tin I seem to remember, nice to remember such things.

So, my napkins… here’s what I did:-

I chose yellow granny square background and fixed a white flower and two leaves on, sewing them on with white cotton. They had to be sewn on very neatly as the stitches can be seen on the back. These napkins are made from quite a loose linen material which made it easier to hide my stitches.
Found a nice button for the centres and that was it – all done.

Once happy, I gift wrapped them and put them in my Etsy shop

Thanks for reading, back soon
P S I’ll try to limit the crochet items – it’s just such fun and easy to when travelling to work on the bus or watching TV that I keep doing it!

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Lazy Daisies…

Is anyone else as clumsy and messy as I am? It’s a nightmare, so when I washed my old faithful grey vest top and saw some oily marks that nothing could shift, I thought it would be relegated to the rag bag… but then I decided to embroider some lazy daisy stitches all over the front of the top – adding a little detail and more importantly covering those marks.

If you’re not confident with embroidery, I think this stitch is a great one to try, it really is very simple but looks very effective. Here’s a YouTube clip

I used the same colour embroidery silk as the top and just randomly sewed the daisies … some covering the marks and some not.
Well I think the top lives to see another day ! 46.pngThat’s it, thanks for reading, back next week

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Bathroom word search….

Our family, like so many others, love playing Scrabble and I’ve been guilty of making those greetings cards using stick on scrabble letters from The Works. The most recent being an 80th birthday card – you’re only 13 in scrabble!
If you’ve followed my blog you may remember that I have a clip frame in my bathroom and while tidying up my stuff I came across these letters and decided to use them for a new bathroom picture.
I started laying them out in a pattern often used in bathrooms
(check out Pinterest)   222222
but then decided that a word search puzzle would be fun and so I carried on..
22.pngI removed the little sticky pads on the back of each letter and used UHU glue so they didn’t stick out too much in my frame.
Here it is done and right at the bottom of the page is the answer of the wordsearch!2.png and in situ 4.png (in the answer below, those eagle eyed of you may notice I added another line, I decided the gap in the above picture was too big)

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon,
love Rosie


The hidden words

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A gift…

A friend recently celebrated a big birthday, I haven’t known her for very long so asked for inspiration from her daughter and was advised that she likes cycling and cats. Now although I have drawn a cat on a cat shaped box I’m not the greatest cat lover.

Also, unfortunately I’m not that keen on bikes as when I was young I had a bit of rough time following a fall from a bicycle!

But this is not all about me… so I decided to go with bikes… (although I could have combined them really – there’s a lot of cats on and with bicycles on the web!)

I found this design on Pinterest though and decided to copy it on my gift…
Here’s what I did…

I also decorated a napkin in the same style.
The crockery was baked in accordance with the porcelain pen’s instructions and the napkin was pressed with an iron to fix.

I managed to get a lovely bicycle pendant from Etsy to complete the gift.

That was the gift finished, it seemed to go down well.
I also decorated a cloth bag for transporting the gift, I’ll show you what I did soon.
Thanks for reading, back soon


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‘ello…’ello…’ello what’s all this then?

Well, what a week it’s been, there’s been a terrible disturbance in the Littleton house and it’s been confirmed that they have been burgled…

This all came about after a few friends gently hinted that my story line is a bit tame and that a little excitement was needed.

So yesterday the family arrived home to find their much loved home in complete disarray… time to call the police!

Well, that’s all very well but, I have to make or buy the things required for these stories. Luckily I’ve joined lots of Facebook dedicated groups and have found a good source of buying new items. Plus I love it!

A new ‘man’ was ordered, and then on Wednesday I came home from work nice and early and found him on the doormat, so this is what I did on that afternoon… I was looking up the origins of saying ‘ello three times which, lead me to Punch & Judy – I decided to name my new Constable Powell after Martin Powell, the puppeteer is born “ello…ello…ello

Here’s the new chap – dressed in civvies… He looks so smart, I almost feel bad that I have to change him…1

But change him I did, so, first of all his glued on hat and fancy coat were removed. I cut the glue off his head and his hair seems to have survived.


23.png   3 Then I found a little coat I already had and trimmed it to make a jacket length, stitched it snuggly around him and sewed on the brass coloured bead buttons. Which I took off his original coat.


I tried to copy the Met Police uniform of around the 1900’s, the belt was next with the fancy buckle…



So that’s him dressed….but wait he needs his truncheon 12 it’s a plastic needle wrapped in felt with cotton thread wrapped around the top for the ‘grip’ area.

He needs a helmet!
I’ve used a lid from Olbas Oil and followed a YouTube clip on how the actual helmets are made! (it’s less than 5 mins long and absolutely fascinating!)


A fair amount of artistic licence has been taken, but he is quite small and will only be seen in black and white by my Instagram followers.
So here he is, PC Powell, pretty handsome guy, lets hope he’s good at his job and will be able to help the poor distraught Littleton Family, and their pretty maid!
21If you want to follow the Littleton’s story please do! You don’t need to have an account with Instagram to look (although you do if you wish to comment on it)
Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week

love, Rosie

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A new hat…

I recently purchased some lovely feathers (from Hobbycraft) and decided that my dolls house character Mrs Littleton really needed a new hat!
So I assembled some felt into a hat shape, stitched the domed bit to a flat piece of felt with a hole cut in the middle. The stitching is in white cotton so you can see, it’s all going to be hidden so there’s no problem with it being white
and then I started sticking on the feathers!


Mrs Littleton added her little butterfly and diamanté brooch and that was that.

She then went out with her sister to Hampton Court and rather stole the show … that hat

Thanks for reading, if you want to see more of the Littleton family you can follow their life story here.

Back soon,   Rosie

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Cushion Love …

IMG_1106After catching the quilting bug a very good friend gave me some totally gorgeous fabric., to feed my habit. I recently had a day off work and after the initial plans for the day went awry I decided to use my time wisely and after a little housework; I got my sewing machine out and had a lovely day sewing bunting, did a little crochet and contemplated what else I could make. I had a flash of inspiration and found all the new fabric and some bonding fabric and this is what I did….
I have bought quite a few of these readymade cushion covers, the fabric is great, the zips are neat and I really can’t see any benefit in making my own. I suppose the decorating would be easier before the cushion is made up, but that’s ok.
So on a sheet of A3 card I drew a heart freehand. I drew lines across it to divide into 8 pieces, numbered and then cut out these pieces. IMG_1106
I drew around them on the bonding fabric, cut out roughly and ironed them onto my chosen fabrics.
Cut them out neatly and pressed with the iron onto my cushion, leaving a gap between the pieces.


I then handstitched around each piece in blanket stitch using co-ordinating embroidery silk

and that’s my cushion done…

I’ve since done another heart and have one more ready to stitch…

I’m selling these in my Etsy shop. IMG_1182

Thanks for looking, back soon

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Crocheted yellow flowers…

Well, I have gone seriously over the top with crocheting flowers, but it’s so therapeutic and I find that travelling to work and home again, listening to a story on my phone and making a few flowers or leaves is bliss…

And so, I found that I had made lots of these yellow flowers.
I had visited IKEA with my sister and bought some of these really nice cushion covers, perfectly plain and just asking to be decorated.

I decided to add a little fabric paint as a base    Cushion with posy of crochet flowers.png  and then started to pile up the yellow flowers, I stuck them with PVA glue so they stayed in place and then stitched them so they will be secure.

I then added a few leaves which I chained a stem to.

And finally, after much deliberation and asking for advice on colour…. I stitched a range of purple buttons in the centres of 19 of the flowers (there are actually over 30 flowers on the cushion).

And that is it, finished and it is for sale in my ETSY shop..


Thanks for reading, back next week


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Golden Leaves…

Trying something new to me, I decided to use some of the air-hardening clay I have and make some little leaf dishes. So far it has only been used for veggies and food for the dolls house!

So, I rolled the clay out quite finely, like pastry!
I then pressed the leaves into the clay and allowed it to dry thoroughly – this took a couple of days (I turned them over every now and again). I ensured the leaves were slightly curled up at the edges to help the ‘dish’.


I left for a few hours and then peeled off the leaves and allowed the clay to dry completely over the next week.

Once I dry I painted them in white acrylic first and then with gold paint…and I quite like the effect. Then a coat of clear glitter paint.  IMG_0290

I stuck little pads to the base so they stand on a hard surface.

They are just the size to hold a little trinket or leave your watch and jewellery in over night.



If you wish to hang them and make a mobile or some hanging ornament ensure you make a hole before the clay hardens.

Thanks for reading, back soon

Love Rosie

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Crocheting flowers….

I haven’t long been crocheting but now I’ve learned I really love it. The fact that it is so portable means I can crochet on the bus or train travelling to work, actually .

I started making these little flowers after watching a tutorial on YouTube. There are so many people out there showing you how to crochet flowers and leaves, try a few before you settle on one way, people crochet in different ways, the UK and USA have different names for stitches too.

I have purchased some plain cushion covers and napkins recently and made a couple of sets of  napkins and some decorated cushion covers using my crocheted pieces.

Here’s one of my cushions:-

I had a few ‘granny’ squares in my craft cupboard and decided that I could use these as little backings for my flowers.

IMG_0646 So as you can see in this picture, I sewed a crochet leave on the green square, and then a flower on top and finished it off with a pretty button in the middle.

I did three of these squares  4

Once I had the three squares ready, I placed them on an off white cushion cover and sewed them in place.
That’s it, all done. Here it is in situ on my garden chair…

Thanks for reading, back soon
Love Rosie

My Etsy shop is now open:



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‘A’ personalised gift…

I recently realised that a friend was going to be turning 21 and I decided to do a little crafty gift. These little chests of drawers are from The Works and are made from MDF. They are well made and sturdy and I love decorating them, I’ve drawn on them, stuck paper on them, fabric and made them in all sorts of colours.

This one I decided to personalise with an ‘A’ on the front and then I started doodling daisy-like flowers and just kept going…
Here’s what I did :-


Once it was all covered in pink and turquoise Sharpie I coloured the petals in using white crayon and then I started to add a little extra gold…


and that’s it, all done. Just need to get a little something to put in the drawers – jewellery I expect and that’s it, ready to wrap and gift.


Thanks for reading,

Back soon, Rosie

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Cutlery box for the Littleton’s…

A few friends have totally embraced the whole dolls house adventure I am currently on  and they come up with ideas for the storylines, others are freaked out by it all….tee hee

One of the former came back from lunchbreak to say she had seen some little doll house bits and bobs in the shop Tiger. I went there as soon as possible and this little cutlery set was purchased, along with a gardening set and some copper saucepans. All for a very good price!

So the cutlery set has been the first to feature in a story for the Littletons (that’s the name of the family who reside in the dolls house).  The story I used to bring in the cutlery set was that Mr Littleton and his young daughter Victoria had visited Hever Castle in Kent (UK) and met Mr Astor who lived there and who renovated the castle greatly.

After they had enjoyed a lovely day, I said that they returned home with a lovely big gift! When they open the box it’s the cutlery! Generous chap Mr Astor …

So here’s what I did with the cutlery purchased from Tiger:-
It came in a plain little wooden tray with 6 compartments, so with a strong craft knife I cut it in half so I just had three trays.
I coloured the inside red to look fancy! and the rest black and gold.


Then I used the plastic cover it came with (I hope it looks like glass at 1/12th scale and in black and white)  again I cut in half and used a little clear tape as a hinge.

I added a blob of gel all around the edge and attached a little brass fastener to make a little opener and voila that’s it. Mrs Littleton loves it very much.


the new cutlery box

Thanks for looking
Back soon, Rosie

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Painting a skirt…

I bought a white skirt from a charity shop recently and decided to decorate it… I found my fabric pens and started doodling and this is what I did…

I drew these circular patterns all the way from hem to waist and then added some embroidery



I sewed the buttons into the centre of the little circles, added dots to fill in the panel and that was it….

Thanks for looking,


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Lunch & Learn…

Today, as part of lunch and learn at work, I took a short class about using a drawing app on my phone it’s great fun and I really enjoyed it.  The app is called ‘Sketches‘ and is very easy to use (obviously much easier when you have someone showing you!)

In our little class our teacher showed us all the pens and brushes you can use, I used my phone and another colleague used an iPad.
As our teacher said maybe instead of tense games so many people play on trains and buses you could try to expand your creativity and have a little draw too…

Here’s a link to my first effort (it’s of the little garden area outside my back door where I had stopped for a cup of tea) when I got home.

and here’s my teacher’s work…

Thanks for reading, I’ve a couple of days off next week so hopefully will be busy crafting!
Back soon,
Love Rosie




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A miniature photograph frame….

A recent story line in my Instagram post about the folk who live in the dolls house involved a school photograph.

I used a school photograph taken of the school I am actually using (it is now closed) and printed this photograph quite large so that my little pupil could add herself in to the picture.

Once done, I shrunk the picture down and printed it out so it could appear in the dolls house.

I needed a frame and decided I could make a simple one with card, a little acetate, some gel pen and a silver marker.

Here’s what I did…

dfgdg  it’s a bit blurry – it’s pretty small!
Here’s the version used in the storyline, IMG_7504.JPG                  if you look carefully the girls all have fresh flowers pinned on them, hence the rather clumsy attempt here…

So, once I had my mini picture I cut out some card and acetate. Coloured the card with silver marker


I ensured that I coloured the edges silver – a real silver frame wouldn’t have white edges ….


ererrrr.png   img-0009.jpg

and then cut a frame from some more card and coloured that silver too. I stuck a little card stand on the back so they can place it on a shelf or the sideboard.
I stuck everything together and then added a little embellishment with a silver gel pen. Looks a bit blobby at this size but hopefully you get the idea.

And that’s it, all done.

Thanks for reading,
back soon, love Rosie


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Tray with matching wine glasses…

Those trays I did for my Etsy shop at Christmas were a resounding failure, so I’ve been redoing them. This one started as a doodle whilst watching TV and, well….here’s what I did:-

I started my doodle and realised that it was big enough to cover the base of a tray so I cut it to size and continued to draw this pattern…img_7648.jpg.

Whether you can draw or not, you should try this type of doodling, it’s a bit like the colouring- in craze, your mind can wander but I find you do rather drift off into a pleasant frame of mind rather than stressing about anything. It could be just me but give it a go… it’s all just circles and little loops nothing too tricky.

I then decided to add some pink circles…

and this is the final piece… img_7653.jpg I stuck it to the base of the tray and varnished it.

untitledoooSo now that’s done I decided to replicate the design on a couple of glasses. (I’ve got a new camera since I took the picture above, I can assure you that the colours are definitely the pinks and not the purple colour it’s taken on here!)


I used my glass paints  and a sponge dobber to splodge the two shades of pink on the glasses. I let the first colour dry before adding the second.

Once dry I added a little detail with a black glass felt tip pen. The glasses were then baked to fix the colour.

jj.pngThat’s it, it’s going back on my Etsy store – wish me luck?
Thanks for reading

Love Rosie

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Gardening at 1:12th scale…

Ever since the Littleton Family’s life has been documented via an Instagram post their small garden has featured.
The handyman is pretty good at working in the Littleton’s garden and is always having to help his employer to realise his expectations!
The family have only a small garden….but Mr Littleton has big ideas.

This weekend saw the handyman working in the garden and he has made a great effort.

The ramshakle shed was given a coat of wood-preserver and a lovely new roof – oh yes this handyman is one in a million! (The Instagram account only uses their #willow filter but you can see it in colour!)                IMG_3912

He then sorted out the many terracotta pots scattered around and filled them with plants and everlasting flowers.

(Ok he did have some help – this is my craft blog after all!) The leaves were maid from a sheet of foam bought from Hobbycraft.

He trimmed the hedge and suddenly some gorgeous sun-flowers appeared!
Mr & Mrs Littleton visited their garden and were very impressed, the handyman received a cash bonus for all his hard work….

Thanks for reading! I’ve given the link many times before so, sorry to keep repeating myself, but if you’d like to follow the Littleton Family Story just click ‘here.

Love Rosie


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Another box re-do


This little treasure chest style box was previously painted black with rosebuds – it was up for sale in my Etsy shop and although a few ‘liked’ it …no-one bought it so I’ve decided to revamp it.
The size is:- 13.5 cm x 9.5cm and 8cm high,

So, I was painting some of these lovely little wooden house shapes which I purchased from The

I decided to paint my box with a country scene of rolling hills and big sky… and to stick these little houses on it. The paint I used is acrylic, the houses I drew the detail on with a permanent drawing pen and then just coloured in with fine felt pens.
Four houses fitted perfectly across the front and I’ve added one other on the side.

The inside is still glittery purple.

I hope the photos show you that this is rather ‘shabby chic’, the pink of the roses  shows through the clouds a bit but that’s not unusual in real life so I haven’t fought it.


A coat of clear varnish and it’s done.

Thanks for reading,
love Rosie



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Jewellery Box…

Last weekend I decided to have a go at decorating a little jewellery box which has a clear acrylic lid.

I had previously painted it silvery grey and the inner base was painted purple. I got out a nice big new black marker … (is there anything better?)
I just started to doodle to see where it would go, starting with 4 straightish lines then adding 15 swirls, a thin silver pen was used to draw another swirl on top of the others and was dotted over with the black pen.

I carried on the black around the wooden edge on the lid ….to me the design looked like it was stitched so I then added a ‘running stitch’ around the top of the lid and around the sides and across the partitions inside.
It’s a bit different for me but I quite like it!
What do you think?


Back soon,
love, Rosie


My Etsy shop is now open:

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Heart box

It might be a new year but I still enjoy decorating these wooden boxes from The Works, they are well made and ready to take drawing pens, paint, paper or even fabric.

As you can see I started to draw with a permanent fine marker, I covered the top with these little four petaled flowers with the little dots around which I like to think look like stitches. I kept going until the top was covered like this…

Then I started to colour…
I coloured in the petals and leaves and then coloured the background with a pink colouring pencil… as you will see in the final picture I later decided to colour over this with a darker felt pen…
I then drew some larger flowers around the base of the box and coloured it all in. The main colour is a dark pink.
I lined the lid and base with white felt, and coloured in the sides of the inside.
Around the transparent heart I used a 3D paint (This paint can go on fabric too – it’s great to use)

and that’s it – all finished and will be put up for sale on my Etsy site.

Thanks for reading,

Love Rosie

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Bee mine….

So, this week my blog is all about another wooden heart with a friendly looking bee.

Here’s what I did…
Firstly I sketched the design in pencil,
then I inked it in with a fine permanant marker.


I’ve always loved bees, but hated honey. Mostly due to my childhood asthma and my mother trying to cure me with vast quantities of the stuff.

But lately I have been suffering from a grotty cold and drinking gallons of lemon with honey, more lemon than honey but still … maybe I can start to enjoy it one day.

Seems a shame not to love it when the bees go to such efforts…

Back soon



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Hydrangea sketch…

After all my Christmas makes I decided to do some drawing and started with a hydrangea.  I was inspired after a lovely walk on Boxing day, I was in Derby at my mother-in-laws home. My husband and she had paperwork to do so I left them in peace and set off.

Plenty of countryside albeit with the power station in the distance, but for all the trees and fields around me, the one thing that remained in my mind was a wonderful hydrangea.
It was all brown but still beautiful.
I decided to sketch one – but coloured mine blue.

Once I had finished sketching the petals and working on keeping the shape of the whole plant head I added a few leaves and then coloured in the flower head…


Back soon,
love Rosie


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Patchwork Bedspread…

As I’ve said/confessed I’m not the neatest of seamstresses but I really enjoy it. When renovating our bedroom I was given carte blanche and decided on these amazing curtains from Sanderson.

It is a little mad but I love it, I managed to buy a short piece of the fabric from Ebay and the idea of a bedspread to compliment the curtains came to mind.

I had a lot of old duvet covers from when my daughter was young and these were luckily in colours which I felt toned in well. I kept to a big rectangle and just sewed them all together in a random colour pattern.

The length of curtain fabric was stitched across near the base of the cover.

I also had a favourite old duvet cover with embroidered birds so this was used too.

I picked up the humming-bird theme and got the lovely mirror from Laura Ashley.

The designs from the curtain fabric were copied for the bedside table, previously blogged about.

A lace topped sheet in pale pink for the backing  and some fun bobble braid for around the edge.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and it’s pretty warm too!

The headboard was made with a wooden frame constructed by my husband and covered with wadding and topped with fabric from Laura Ashley.

Thanks for reading,

Back soon, love Rosie

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Red Red Robin….

Well, it has to be a gi-normous robin for this Christmas post doesn’t it?

If you follow my blog you’ll remember I recently started felting, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It is great fun.

I wanted to get another felting needle and found this kit in Hobbycraft which included 2 needles – seemed too big a bargain to miss.

This giant robin was easy to do, sadly my wings and tail were missing from the kit so I just stuck on a bit of felt  – presume the kit ones were a bit thicker. IMGP0313

He’s going to my mother-in-law to finish off her Christmas hamper gift.

Nothing much to show you about how he is done but he posed around the garden for a few pics…

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Back in 2017,
Love Rosie











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Let it snow…

I only recently started to crochet and I L O V E it!
I’m not terribly clever at understanding patterns yet but oh the joy of YouTube.
A teacher right there with you, patiently waiting for you to catch up and never complaining when you get her to go over it a  few times to allow you to get to grips with it.

This is the clip I used, and I am now making snowflakes every evening and whilst travelling to and from work on the bus.
I got chatting to a lady on Thursday who said she used to crochet and knit in the past but had got out of the habit, by the time we parted company she said she was going to start again…

I am using a lovely red velvet ribbon to tie the snowflakes on to my gifts, and will be hanging some from longer pieces of ribbon at the windows and on my tree really soon.
The wool I am using is called Chunky Gem, it has little glittery bits in it which help to make the Snowflakes sparkle.

Here’s a few pictures of my finished snowflakes… I’m not going to show you what to do, you should watch the YouTube clip – definately a better teacher than I!

I am selling my Snowflakes in my Etsy shop.


My family like to give each other little gifts at the table on Christmas Day.
This year I have a little crafty addition to their presents, well actually more than one but can’t spoil all their surprise!

Thanks for looking,
Love Rosie

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Felting on Christmas Gift Tags…

As you may know I recently became aware of the craft of felting, after buying a little kit at Kirstie’s Handmade Fair.

I was considering making some Christmas bunting but I have already made some of that 2016-01-02 10.47.11     so I decided that these little flags would be used as gift tags.

To make them I cut out the long triangular shapes from felt with pinking shears.

These were then decorated
with various Christmassy designs,some by hand,
some using cookie cutters to get the shape.

Then I got some card and wrote Merry Christmas along the flag,

cut up some red velvet ribbon  and assembled by machine sewing through the felt, ribbon and card.
Here they all are….


Back soon,
love Rosie


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Patchwork skirt….

Yes this is all about a patchwork skirt or three…

I really don’t know why I started to make these, it started when I was given a bag of fabric and had a bad back which prevented me from moving,which meant I could not get to work but did not stop me sewing or drawing!

I’ve always loved the idea of patchwork and have tried to do it properly but I am really too messy to obtain the precision and neatness which it often requires… so if you’re a skilled patchworker read no further!

So if you’re still reading and want to see what I did…

I measured a straight skirt I had and made a rectangle of patches which measured the same, i.e the depth from waist to knee and the length to go around the body and not be so tight you can’t move. I sewed the bits together with straight sewing stick but topped stitched with the various stiches my machine has.

The edges are hemmed, the ends joined so you have a tube, elastic popped in the top and hey presto…

My first one is mostly blues, with bits of ribbon and velvet ribbon added here and there, the top is a wide band of blue with top stitching to add patchy detail style.
Then I had a top with these lovely butterflies on it, which I loved but it didn’t love me… I looked awful in it.
So I decided to do another patchy skirt and this time add some appliqué and lastly, my sister recently visited an Aldi store and they had craft items for sale, she kindly asked me if I wanted anything… well what a question!
One of the items was a fat-quarter pack of Christmas fabric. I added some Christmassy ribbon which I bought in Tiger
yes…. I have a Christmas outfit prepared…

Have you stopped laughing at me? I know it’s mad …

Well that’s it for now.

Back soon
Love Rosie



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Art Competition…

Every year my work place holds a National Arts & Photographic competition and I usually enter a few drawings and a few photographs.
I’ve won a couple of times over the years, the competition is pretty fierce!
Well, this year it crept up on me and I realised that with all this crafting, I haven’t done so much drawing.

So Saturday afternoon was spent rummaging through my portfolio to see what I’d got that I could send off.

These are what I found, I entered them all. The category is water colour and drawing & sketching. I’ll let you know how I did at the end…


The results were:- no prizes for me.. will try again next year!

Back soon,
Love Rosie


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Twelve Drawers….

These drawers from Ikea  sit upon my desk and hold all sorts of bits n’bobs, they are  perfect for paper clips and staples etc.,

When I first got them I painted them with a paint marker which I loved using!
I then cut some wrapping paper bunting and then using a gold thin pen
drew on some string and then fixed the bunting flags. To finish off I stuck on the little metal plates so I could write what was in each drawer.     P1090571

Since starting this blog I have been using very pretty coloured papers to decorate and recently decided that these drawers were looking a tad drab.

So I have covered them in the beautiful papers my daughter gave me for my birthday, they are sold for scrapbooking, but they are so pretty it seems a shame to shut them away in a book,  I finished off the drawers with a Gold Pentel Marker 

I did the usual thing cut out the shapes and used PVA to both stick on and topaint over to give a nice finish.
I coloured in the frame with the gold pen and then used a black ‘write on anything’ pen to write my labels and here it is finished. Do let me know what you think.

Back soon,
Love Rosie

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Christmas with the Fairies…

I know, I know it’s only just October and we’ve still got Halloween and Fireworks etc., but if you’re in the business of making things you need to get organised….

As I said last week, I’ve had a few days off work and it’s been glorious. I’ve seen family and friends, met the most gorgeous young man (5 months old) and seen some amazing exhibitions at the V&A and Tate Modern.
But an artycrafty soul can’t have free days and not create… so here’s what I have been up to…
I’ve been back to my favourite shop The Works and they have their great fairy doors back in stock..

I’ve had a go at a pink door , then one for my garden and finally one where I used the popular Stick Man character and now I have gone slightly crazy with paint, glitter, felt, glitter, card, glitter, pins, glitter, sticky pads, glitter oh and some glitter paint…..

I spent all of two days doing these doors, you should have seen the mess! They are for sale at my ETSY shop, although one has been donated to a cameral club’s raffle…(there’s a little camera hanging under the candle).

The doors have a variety of Christmassy decorations….one had mistletoe over the door and a little felt hat hanging beneath.
Some have a candle on a little shelf , a little Fairy coat hanging on a hook, or a felt hat, some cards stuck on the walls and a little holly garland with  berry red gemstones, or a holly wreathe ..

Here’s a little gallery of the doors, hope you like them. By the way they are for sale but please note they are strictly for ornamental use – the doors do open but they are not suitable for children.

I’m going to do some more Christmas themed ones with just paint, these will also arrive at my ETSY shop soon and will be ok to play with.

Thanks for looking..
Back soon.
Love Rosie



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Baby Bunting


Lucky me, I’m off to visit a new baby next week, perfect excuse to make some bunting as a gift!

I’ve already made some similar for a little girl Lucy and I’m revisiting the idea of using buttons to spell out the name of this little baby.

Luckily his name ‘Blake’ has 5 letters… perfect amount of little flags for a nursery.

This is how I plan the letters, the card is the size of my bunting flags and I just draw the letters on top of each other to ensure the correct amount of buttons are used.

I bought a fat quarter pack from Hobbycraft, I’ve been advised that the nursery decor is blue and white … so I am using blue and white polka dots as my main material.

Once the letters were organised and the buttons (craft stores sell these in large packs) chosen I drew each letter on the material (this could be traced) and then I ran a line of UHU glue around, stuck the buttons on and allowed to dry overnight. Once dry I stitched the buttons on.
These are going in a nursery so no chances can be taken with little buttons. I’m sure the stitching would suffice but the glue gives peace of mind.

Once the buttons are glued and sewn on, I chose a contrasting fabric back and sewed right sides together.
Turn, and get the point as good as possible then press, carefully around the buttons!

Finally take a little time to pin the flags in place on the tape or ribbon, I decided to use the same colour on the back of each one and so turned in the corners so it could be seen and therefore add some continunity to the design, I used a bright yellow ribbon. Then stitch along the ribbon or tape catching each flag between. Once done…either leave loose to tie or add a ring to enable the bunting to be hung.

If you’d like more detailed photos of what I did please click on ‘Lucy’ above, that blog had a very detailed picture explanation of what to do and it was very similiar to this one. Except this is smaller. IMG_0275.JPG

Nice fun little project and hopefully a good gift.

Back soon,
Love Rosie


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Hi there!
Have you ever tried the craft of ‘Felting‘?

I can thoroughly recommend you do….it’s great fun and pretty addictive….

My daughter and I each had treated ourselves to a little kit from Hobbycraft’s Kirstie Allsop range.
Here’s what we did …I wish I’d recorded our giggles for you, it is the greatest fun – tinged with great danger, as the needles are extremely sharp!

Our little kits were to make a Blue-Tit bird (but I think they were selling an end of line at The Handmade Show as I cannot find the exact kits online – loads of others though and you don’t really need a kit as there are loads of suppliers of all you need to ‘felt’).

We opened out the dining room table, got ourselves a cuppa and settled down to make our birds.

When you first start it seems a completely mad thing to do… and you really think nothing is going to happen…

After much ‘stabbing’ through the yellow wool fibres the magic slowly started to happen the little birds tummy started to appear – all lovely and soft.

We followed the instructions and kept adding the different colours and finally, we had our Blue-tits…

So, now we’ve found this new hobby we’re hooked!
Orders have gone in for more wool, more shapes and we’ve both started other felting projects,  I’ve started on some Christmas bunting… stocking on bunting too

Back soon with more…
Love Rosie




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Bedroom Chair

Yesterday I had the best day, my daughter and I visited The Handmade Fair if you are interested in crafting it’s the place for you!
After many years of attending craft fairs both as stall holder in the 1980/90’s and as visitor I was incredibly impressed with the variety of craft stalls and the fact they mostly really were ‘handmade’ stalls. A real treat of a day out.

So, as to this weeks blog post, I was lying in bed pondering which of my ‘makes’ to write about and noticed I was looking at my slightly wacky bedroom chair…..

This chair has been in the family a long time, it was a study chair for some years then moved into the nursery, then became my daughters chair in her everso pink bedroom. It’s had stickers over it, ribbon wrapped all over (that was a surprise upcycle when my daughter was at uni) and now… she’s got her own home…. the chair is still here….I’ve got a little old school desk for a dressing table and the chair is back with me.

I decided to do some decopage on it and it stayed like that while the house was in a complete muddle. The decoupage was not a great success… some of the paper/card I’d used was too stiff and was quite scratchy.
So I decided to rub it down,  as I did so it became quite ‘shabby chic’ and I decided I liked it. I added some gold acrylic paint on the bits where I cleared the paper… and the final touch was finding a lovely embroidered humming bird cushion cover in Matalan which I’m afraid I cut up and used to cover the seat pad.
I really enjoy ‘upcycling’ ‘changing’ just making items of furniture your own, do you?
I look around my sitting room whilst doing this and  notice all the little ‘changes’ we’ve made to so much of our home!

Thanks for reading… here’s a few more pictures of my chair, (it also appeared on my instagram).

As you can see I also hung a vintage style metal pear and stuck on some bird transfers which were left over from my chest of drawers. ..

Back soon,
Love Rosie




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Tree Box

A recent week off work gave me plenty of time to be creative. But we did have a couple of days out and one was to a most amazing place, if you ever visit Surrey, England it should definately be on your list of places to visit.
The place is Watts Artist Village. One of exhibits was of lino cutting. I’ve always liked the idea of this craft and though I bought the cutters years ago I’ve never actually done it.
However I was inspired by a few of the artists, Gail Brodholt and Lisa Takahashi especially stood out to me, as well as the wonderful tree images of Richard Shimell.

No prizes for guessing which of the artists designs came to mind when looking at a little blank box… (the rectangular one I used is out of stock at The Works currently but they do have a nice square one and lots of other styles)The basic tree shape with a purple felt pen, then I added smaller branches with a pink felt pen…

Then I added some purple hills and a pink sky.
I then added some leaf motifs around the edge of the box. Then  I decided they were too fussy and went over the whole thing with gold acrylic paint!

The inside has been coloured with a purple felt pen and then I am drawing leaves on top, the effect will be quite subtle.

and that was that, it’s quite interesting to keep to a restricted palette, but of course you could do this kind of thing in anything you like, would even be good in just black.

Back soon,
love Rosie

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Découpage is the art of decorating with paper. It originated in France in the 17th century as a means of decorating bookcases, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture.
It spread throughout Europe and in the 18th century became a fashionable pastime, especially at the Italian, French, and English courts.
Graceful, charming, and colourful designs, cut from pictures printed expressly for this purpose, were applied to fans, screens, and toilet articles.
Put simply, découpage involves cutting out pictures, gluing them to an object and then coating the pictures and the object with layers of varnish.

It’s become a very popular craft at the moment with tissue papers in all manner of designs being sold. Hobbycraft do a great range, but I decided to use what I had.

My daughter had a simple chest of drawers for many years (they are still available in IKEA.
Over time this piece of furniture had been stenciled, had various stickers placed on them, had the handles replaced and generally showed the signs of wear!

We had recently moved house and were in total disarray – whilst I was redundant in the kitchen renovation I decided to decorate these drawers.

I usually like to paint but after looking through some magazines and finding a bumper pack of decorative papers I decided to have a go at sticking paper squares over the entire chest of drawers.
I began by cutting 5cm squares. Although the patterns I used are all very different, I used the technique of squinting at the selection to see if they were of similar tones.
(Try squinting through your eyelashes.  This will effectively reduce the mid-tones, leaving only the darks and lights).

I covered the fronts of the drawers and the top. As you can see there is no pattern, I just  used them without overthinking the pattern.
I used PVA glue and once dry gave the whole thing a few coats of varnish – sanding between coats to lose the impression of separate squares.

Another change of handles – there was no point trying to find anything to match, so I chose 6 different patterns (bought from Tiger and the addition of a ‘Create’ word stuck to the top drawer, this wooden ‘word’ was decorated with just a Sharpie pen
and they are complete.

In découpage  you can cut images from paper napkins, magazines, wrapping paper, allpaper – anything really and make up pictures or be completely random.
I’ve been boring with my squares but as the patterns in the papers were so crazy I felt a modicom of order would suit the project!

Have you become addicted to Ikea Mini drawers? I’ve loved them since I first saw them. When my daughter was young they were a great storage idea – handy to sit on too.
We had rather a lot and gradually as she grew up they changed their useage.

Finally she decided that she didn’t want quite so many so I painted them and lined their drawers to give as presents – each one was painted in a theme to suit the new owner.

I wasn’t taking photos of my arts and crafts ‘upcycling’ efforts then.

I still use them, my husband has the old ‘felt pen & crayon’ one now covered in ‘camera’ print wrapping paper for his lens’ and filters for photography.

I still use one for my pens and pencils, just wrapping paper, with gold acrylic paint around the edges and then little stick on bird motifs (which have been coloured using felt pens) :-

then I have my linen shelves – the back has been decorated with patterned paper squares:-


Back soon, Rosie


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