Hair styles in the 1920’s…

Due to my living half of my life in a miniature world I have been doing lots of research about the 1920’s.

I had planned to make some new dolls from scratch, it’s not as easy as I thought and although I may have made an ‘interesting’ male face;

I’ve had to face defeat and admit to myself that I cannot mould or sculpt a pretty face!

So, I’ve treated myself to a lovely new doll. I purchased her from Mary Williams and she should be just right for my new enterprise.
As you can see my new doll needs her hair making! Mary has some great tips on her website and I found plenty of other ideas on YouTube. P1060311

I’ve been making skull caps with a glue gun, wrapping the doll’s head in clingfilm first.
Once the glue has been left overnight the clingfilm can be removed and the ‘cap’ trimmed where necessary. Then the hair is fixed to the cap, This way I will be able to change the dolls hair style and maybe give the same doll a different character?  Useful in my story telling enterprise! (More to come later in the year)

Here’s some photos of my attempts so far using Viscose wigging and gel. I have now ordered some other colours in the wigging so will be making some more. I need to learn how to make curls… I know with yarn you can wind around a knitting needle and bake. Lots to learn!

Thanks again,
back next week
love Rosie



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Maud Lewis (part 2)…

So as I previously wrote about, I’m really fond of Maud Lewis’ folk art work and I copied one of her designs on a cushion cover. (Maud Lewis (part 1)

Once it was finished I decided to add a little embroidery.
The fabric paint I used feels a bit odd so I added some texture with the sewing which has made the whole thing feel a lot better.
As you can see I pretty much used the same colours as the paint so the look of the design is not really changed.

I kept things simple and just used my favourite embroidery stitch – chain stitch. It is a nice stitch, quite easy to keep even and it is quick to do once you’ve got the knack.

Here’s some close ups of my stitching…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I think it’s complete…

Thanks for reading, back next week,
Love Rosie


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Yarn bombing…

Some colleagues and I have started a little Knit & Natter session at our place of work. We meet once a week and chat whilst creating in yarn or cross-stitch or making pom-poms or whatever we fancy – there are no rules!
One day though, it was suggested that we Yarn bomb the office over Christmas.
As I like to crochet simple items I have fully embraced the idea and have currently stored 5 lengths of crocheted bunting in our office craft cupboard.
I crochet when the TV is on but not totally capturing my imagination, it stops me falling asleep and more importantly snacking!
I crochet on public transport whilst listening to stories on my phone… though crocheting in public does lead to folk chatting to me – which is lovely obviously.

So yarn bombing... what does it actually mean?
Wikipedia has :- Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk. It is also called yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting, or graffiti knitting.
It’s positively insane but I love it!

If you’re interesting in learning find a class nearby or, as I do, make use of those patient folk on YouTube who will allow you to pause and repeat over and over and over again – they never lose their patience!

I’ll show some pics of the bunting when it’s up in December!
Thanks for reading,
back next week
love Rosie

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Maud Lewis (part 1)…

I am a fan of Sally Hawkins and when a film popped up on Netflix with her in, I started to watch.
The film was called ‘Maudie‘ and it told the sad tale of the life of Maud Lewis.
She didn’t have the greatest time on earth but whilst she was here she painted…she really painted….she painted on walls, cupboards, stairs, windows etc., all in a charming folk art style.

I was interested in learning more about her and bought a little book about her home and the subsequent museum in her name in Nova Scotia (no I haven’t been yet and yes I hope to one day!)

So after buying a couple of plain cushion covers from IKEA recently I decided to make a copy of one of her designs.

If I ever get my own craft room or She Shed this cushion will be installed there.  (Got to keep dreaming!)

So here’s what I did to the first cushion… (I used tubes of fabric paint, easy to use and you just press to seal it and make it permanent)

The designs are deceptively simple, it was interesting to try and copy this, my red flower on the left isn’t really in the right place but I’m keeping these cushions for myself, so apart from you few readers -no one will know!
Here it is all painted, I’ll let you know soon what I did to it then…
Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week,
Love Rosie


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Dollhouse Chocolate Box…

The story line in my dollhouse Instagram has recently lead to a trip to Paris, France.
Of course whenever you take a trip it’s traditional to bring a gift back to loved ones and young Victoria has done just that.

I decided to make a little box of chocolates… my husband has been doing some repairs to our bathroom and I noticed these little plastic screw cap cups, I requested a couple and this is how I turned this simple little item into a fancy box of chocs…

First of all I covered the whole thing in gold with a permanent gold marker.

I lined the bottom with a little washi tape 
I then used these little stick on domes, they are sold in craft stores. I used the brown and cream colours only.
I add a drop of UHU glue and then allow to dry.

I then turn to the next little cup and close it before covering the whole thing in the gold marker pen.
Once dry a little piece of wire, teeny bit of green floral tape and a rolled up piece of foam to make a rose are glued on to the top.


Finally I gift wrapped a bit of rolled paper in washi tape with a little ribbon around it and a teeny bit of paper as a gift tag and added more glue again to keep everything in place. P1060277

That’s it, all done and here is The Littleton Family together again…

Thanks for reading,

back soon, love Rosie


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Cushion cover design…

I’m a great fan of IKEA, I appreciate that so many of our homes can look pretty familiar with those bookcases but you can easily put your own stamp on so many of their products.

I’ve blogged about many of my adaptions to their furniture and I’m sure I’ve blogged about the cushion covers, but they are sooo good!
Well made, easy to paint and/or applique onto, I usually buy a few when I visit; to have them ready for personalised gifts.

A friend was going to be celebrating a big birthday so I was keen to start a new project.
This cushion cover is in a very pale pink.
I used fabric pens to draw the shape of blossom petals in a bright pink!


I used Sharpie fabric pens

I used the brush of the nib to flick the pink to give the flowers colour without fully colouring it in.

Then used a brown to draw the branch. A bit of yellow/brown for the little leaves and the inside of the branch and that was it!
Once happy I pressed with a warm iron.
Then I found some embroidery silk and just added a few satin stitches to the petals, this gave the cushion cover a lovely texture. Some brown French knots to the centres and that was it. (I don’t really like doing them, so didn’t do too many!)

I actually added the persons name to the cushion with the fabric pens and chain stitch (which is my favourite embroidery stitch) but I forgot to take any pictures. Sorry.

Thanks for reading,
back soon
love Rosie

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Renovated drawers…

As you may have spotted if you saw my blog on Marianne North recently, I felt the need to re-do my pen drawers after the chest of drawers were done.
These drawers were bought in IKEA a long time ago – they are so well made. They still do similar ones but they are not quite so robust as these were. 2016-01-03 10.10.04
I have painted and stuck different papers on them over the years, the drawers have been turned around and different drawer pulls affixed so some have holes drilled in them!
I was good this time and completely sanded the drawers and unit.

I had considered using the Marianne North papers but I had this book of butterfly pictures to use. This ‘book’ is stated to be used as pictures and the pages are perforated ready to tear out. No books were harmed in this procedure.

So I sanded away the old covering, and stuck on the new.
I coloured in the edges with a Pentel Gold Paint Marker (almost my most favourite thing in the world) and splashed out on some metal labels.
I used tape behind the label and wrote the type of pen/pencils/ballpoints/drawing pens/watercolour pencils/Sharpies/felt pens etc etc… I have quite a collection!

Well that’s it, they are done. p1050878.jpg
Back soon,
love Rosie

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A plaster plaque…

I recently spent a day at Ironbridge Victorian Town Blists Hill, in Telford Shropshire. My husband loves all things engineering related  and sometimes I struggle with a day looking at engines, but at Blists Hill I found so so much to interest me. If you get the chance to visit it I would heartily recommend it!

Just before we left the museum I popped in a shop selling plaster moulded items and for £2.50 purchased this plaque.
When home I started to paint it and I’m pretty pleased with the results… what do you think?


Got it home in one piece … now to  paint!

I decided to use acrylic paints and squirted out some blue, yellow and white; with a tiny smear of purple.
I love mixing paint – it’s almost magical. The main thing to remember is to make enough, it’s always tricky to make the same colour again if you need to. I didn’t have to worry though, leaves look so much better when you use various greens, so I just started and added more yellow to make a light green and more blue to make it darker and richer…

Once all the leaves were done, I let it dry. It doesn’t take long for paint to dry on plaster and I was doing this on the hottest day in England since records began!
Now for the flower, as the leaves were dark I decided to do a light flower… I made a very pale blue – the petals are white really …

So, that’s it.. I gave it a few coats of quick drying varnish and hung it on the front door… it may find a new home but for now that’s where it’s stayed!


You can see where I added the small brush strokes of purple around the centre, just need to varnish now 

and here it is on the door…

Thanks for reading, back next week.
Love Rosie

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My name is Rosie and I have too much stuff…

there, that’s my confession.
The thing is I like too many things, I love books and own a great deal. Novels I have loved and can’t bare to lose and non-fiction about all my interests. Every time I find a new interest I obtain a few books on the matter…. recent additions to my shelves concern crochet (plus a whole drawer now dedicated to wool!) and dollhouses and the making of items and dolls, I’ve only got a few books so far but there are so many out there!

The other day I left work early and promised myself a good ‘sort’ out of my dollhouse ‘stuff’ and passed a very happy time sorting and tidying. The best thing about going through your collections means you ‘find’ forgotten items!

I have cupboards full of fabric and craft items, paints and papers, embroidery silks and fabric pens and paint, shall I go on?    I usually find a ‘sort out’  inspires me to make something.

So, unless you’re incredibly tidy, why not go through your cupboards and drawers? You may find things you don’t need, want or use anymore – pass them on!
Give to a charity shop, do a boot sale or sell online and make some money to buy some more…. ?

So here’s a few pictures of my lovely tidy drawers holding all the dollhouse paraphernalia, I need lots of items as I tell a little story on Instagram, but it may be time to sell a few bits and maybe if I get enough; I will be able to buy some more items to use in my story.


meat in the little tray and a good selection of veg! all made with polymer or DAS clay


some handmade bits and some brought, the oysters were a prize!


Again some handmade – the hot cross buns, sandwiches and loaves, alongside some purchased items


cutlery, china and silverware, a mincer and napkins


furniture, paper items and Christmas decorations


Dolls and clothing, a tub of toys and the pins are for temporary fixing for photos

thanks for looking, happy tidying!
I have written about some of my makes for the dollhouse, such as the hot cross buns; the veggies; the policeman and many more articles about their house and clothes…
back soon, love Rosie


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Jute bags…

Many years ago when I worked in an Arts & Crafts shop I gave my mother -in-law a cross-stitch kit for Christmas and now, whilst helping her sort through her belongings, we have come across a scrapbook full of cross-stitch works, I obviously started her off on an interest for a while.

Her work is neat and as we are endeavouring to raise some funds to aid her care needs I tried to sell them as they were, if you’ve ever tried this craft you’ll appreciate the time it takes, there are hours and hours of careful stitching in each one.
I thought about framing them but then there’s added weight and the worry about glass… and so I thought I would add them to jute shopping bags.
We are all doing our bit to stop the single use of plastic carrier bags aren’t we, well these bags will certainly last and I hope you agree they look pretty good too.

Here’s what I did …

I did the same thing with all the others – they all have different wordings of course…here’s a selection, the ‘Nan’s’ shopper was added with a chained wool – too fiddly to repeat!

I’m selling them in my ETSY shop.
thanks for reading,
back soon


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Granny Squares….

Once you get to grips with crochet your life changes…. in a good way but it can get quite obsessive, it’s ideal for taking on journeys and if you do take it out & about you need a little bag! (no plastic bags here!)
I recently bought these little balls yarn of yarn from Flying Tiger for only £1 each . Well, obviously I should have bought more because the colours are lovely! (you may notice that the colours I have used are not shown here, afraid I didn’t think to take a pic in my excitement to get started).
I was having a lovely day with my daughter who was also learning crochet and as we were chatting whilst crocheting I felt I needed to do something I could (almost) do without looking or thinking.
So I started granny squares with one row per shade of colour.
(I’ve attached a YouTube link, if you don’t like this tutorial just click on another – there are millions to chose from and some are much easier to follow than others)
I liked the look of my squares but the lovely yarn wasn’t going to make a bedspread, and so I decided to sew four together, create an envelope and use to carry my latest project around.

I lined the ‘bag’ with felt to prevent my hook and mini scissors falling through the gaps.
Here’s how I made this little make…


This is the four squares sewn together and folded in.


I lined with felt and attached a button, the corner loop becomes the buttonhole.

Thanks for reading,
back soon,
love Rosie

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Marianne North….

This week I have been making a mess… sanding off layers and layers of paint and papers from an IKEA chest of drawers which has seen many finishes.

Then, when I had a nice blank canvas I got to work with these absolutely gorgeous Marianne North wrapping papers which are sold in a book form at Kew Gardens.
If you don’t know who she is, then get yourself to Kew to see her paintings and or watch the documentary (link on Kew’s web page) I think you too will want to know more about this fascinating woman,

When I saw these papers I just had to have them and this is what I did….
The papers are all gorgeous and it took me a while to choose which I wanted to use, I ironed them with a cool iron to remove the centre creases by the way.

As you can see the paper wasn’t quite wide enough for the drawer fronts and all the papers are portrait but I added a strip of just foliage down both sides and I think it works? I stuck the papers on with a good PVA glue from Hobbycraft and left to dry before trimming. (It really is worth letting it dry before neatening up, it tears and ruches up if still wet)
Next the top – I used two different papers P1050859
I cut around the big white flowers and their leaves and overlapped another sheet… not botanically correct I’m sure but I like it  – it actually can’t really be seen as I have more drawers standing on top.
A couple more sheets adorn each side 1 and that is that…

I also finally got to use these fabulous bird handles which I bought simply ages ago at The Ideal Home Show from Sass & Belle
and then didn’t know what to do with when I got home. P1050859

Here’s my finished drawers in situ, I love them and they even have got the seal of approval from my husband! P1050879
Thanks for reading, (I have swept the floor – sorry I didn’t before taking the pics!)


Love Rosie    P1050880.JPG





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A trip to the V&A Museum…

My husband and I recently planned a Saturday out, we both love visiting the wonderful museums and galleries in London and this day we had planned to go to the National Portrait Gallery, a firm favourite. The exhibition was photographer Cecil Beaton’s Bright Young Things. Unfortunately we had misunderstood the website and publicity in newspapers and were disappointed to discover that this exhibition is not on until next year, we’ll be going then though!
So we headed off to Kensington; to the Victoria & Albert Museum and went to the newly opened Photography Centre. There was plenty to interest us both but one exhibit inspired me for a Littleton’s story line.
The exhibit was a watercolour painting and photograph combination.
Long before 20th century Surrealists adopted collage, aristocratic Victorian women embraced the technique of combining photographs with watercolour drawings for whimsical effect.  Assembled into albums, these photo-collages show Victorians at their most playful.
This one shows a crab grasping a portrait of a young man dressed for a boat race is perhaps a reference to the phrase ‘catching a crab’ which in rowing means getting an oar stuck in the water, it’s by Catherine Mary Wood. IMG_6512

I needed to ‘make’ a few props for my miniature watercolourist
and this is what I did…

I had this little table already and also this little glass bowl,
which I half filled with glue.

Then I selected a little plywood and cut a rectangle. I then pressed a modelling tool into the wood to make the little indents for filling with paint pans (blobs of paint) and coloured the whole thing with a silver marker.

Now, some brushes, I made a few from cocktail sticks – cutting the point off the end for one but the others are nice fine watercolour brushes. As you can see I coloured the brush part with a fine felt pen, added the metal bit with silver and then a darker colour for the rest of the brush handle.

So next was the scrapbook – I used a thick piece of paper, coloured it with a nice rich blue and wrote on the cover and edges with gold marker.
I then cut some thin papers for the inside and stitched them together and into the cover with a needle and cotton.

So, Mrs Littleton is ready to start her new hobby!

Thanks for reading, back next week
love Rosie


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Monkey Puzzle Tree…

I recently spent an afternoon walking around Kew Gardens all by myself, there’s something about being alone that makes you take more notice of your surroundings I find.
I came by a lovely big Monkey Puzzle tree and stopped to really look at it….

There was quite a bit of new growth and it was such a bright green! I heard on Gardener’s World that humans can see more shades of green than any other colour, well I think I saw as many as there are, that afternoon!

I vowed to sketch a section of the Monkey Puzzle tree – or to give it’s proper name Araucaria araucana some time, and today, a slightly chilly, grey June Sunday morning seemed a good day to do so.

The branch is made up of little leaves which are green, spiky, stiff, leathery, glossy and triangular-shaped. They are thick and broad at the base and sharp at the edges and tips. They are arranged in a spiral around the trunk, which is really quite fascinating if you take a good look.

Looking at something close enough to draw really focuses the eye, this is such a fascinating tree…take a look if you see one!
Thanks for reading
Back soon Rosie

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Hanging baskets….

My mum recently gave me this book.. crochet 20 projects for friends to make  

and I have got ‘hooked’ on making hanging baskets – the pattern includes pom-poms hanging from the bottom but as I have been using jute and cotton yarn I thought a tassel would better suit.

Did you ever try Macramé? In my time working in a craft shop I helped instruct so many people with that craft but, I actually could not get it!
I have always struggled with tying and knotting… all credit for my new found crocheting skill goes to the patience of a friend and colleague who got me started and then to the wonders of YouTube.

So, when I saw this pattern I thought I’d have a go and I love it.
So far I have made about 5 of these baskets… here’s some pics of a few of them!

This one was made with a little £1.00 spool of jute string from Flying Tiger

These two were in white cotton – yes they are different sizes – I tried to memorise the pattern and missed out a couple of rows but it fits the little IKEA plant just fine!

Thanks for reading, and do please let me know if you like them or think that Macramé is worth learning for hanging baskets at least!

Back soon
Love Rosie

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Ivy growing over the house….

Continuing the decoration of a new-to-me dollhouse which I plan to use for my Instagram story of the Littleton Family.

I recently painted the front of the house ….


A nice lick of paint to brighten it up – the window frames had a coat of white too

I had taken some time researching how I would add the ivy, should I cut the leaves from paper? You can buy miniature cutters but as I show the house in black and white on Instagram and mostly focus on the inside; I wasn’t sure how much need there was for such painstaking precision.

Then I thought about painting, but realised that it would be again, very time consuming to paint each leaf individually…

I can’t remember how I came up with the idea but I decided to ‘carve’ an ivy leaf into an eraser on the end of a pencil, using a scalpel and ‘stamp’ the leaves on the house.

This seemed to work but my husband suggested carving one into soft wood might be better and less likely to distort. I took his advice and had a go but try as I might the wooden leaves didn’t look so good and also the printing wasn’t as effective. (I am no carver – I’m sure if you’re more used to using the tools it would have worked!)

So I used a few pencils with erasers in the ends and carved a few leaf patterns to use…

I then mixed up few shades of green acrylic paint. I also added a little gel to the paint, this helped add a little texture. The gel I had was silver but the green paint seemed to absorb it well..

and then painted the ivy …. it was with trepidation that I made the first dark green blob of paint on the newly painted wall, but once I’d started I just kept going!
16 and here it is all finished…

Click here to see a post featuring a little film of my ivy growing…
Thanks for reading.
Back soon, love Rosie


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Flower loom…

Whilst staying with my mother last week I was given a few bits and bobs that were not needed by her … I tried to use this little loom with a flat cotton yarn and it didn’t seem that great, but before passing it on to someone else I decided to try it with a baby soft chunky wool which I had previously crocheted into a bedspread…. finished it and hated it so, unpicked.
When I tried this wool on the loom the flowers looked good
P1050520and now I’m unstoppable, making flowers on the bus or train to and from work P1050519and then when home stitching them together, I’ve made loads more flowers than I have so far stitched together, that’s not such a fun activity but I will continue and hopefully, will get enough to make a throw for my bed.
p1050517.jpgSometimes completing a rather mindless task is nice and relaxing, this flower loom is just that, once you’ve got the knack you’re off and I love it. They are still available if you fancy joining me.
I’ve kept this very simple as I want to do so many, but there are so many ideas for more complicated patterns. I can see this little loom is going to prove very handy!


(They do lay flat – I’d just gathered them up to have a little tidy when I realised I hadn’t a taken a photo for this!)

Thanks for reading, back soon,
love Rosie

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Handkerchief decoration…

I’ve just spent a few days with my mother who lives by the coast, I had a lovely time but didn’t prepare my little blog before I went away, so I’ve been looking though my photos to see what I have made but not yet blogged about and I came across these handkerchiefs.
When my niece got married I thought I’d be original and decorate these hankies for the day – oh how daft I am, there’s a whole industry out there!
But I had fun decorating these anyway…

Mother of the Bride

This was for my sister…

For my sister’s handkerchief I drew on the lettering in pencil, then added the flowers to the large letters with Sharpie fabric pens and when dry added the purple colouring to the letters, then added the smaller writing and the date. I tried to match the colours of the wedding group.


Decorated by my daughter…

The bride’s big sister is a pilot, my daughter decorated this one for her cousin. Using fabric felt pens is such a great way to personalise items, and a white handkerchief is a blank canvas for your design.

Mmmm…. I’m realising that I didn’t do much with these! I presume I did one for the bride but can’t locate a photo of that one… my daughter did this one for her grandmother – who is obviously also the bride’s gran!




The ribbon added a nice touch I thought, I purchased enough for the wedding gift wrapping too.
I’ve also used this for significant birthdays and went through a phase of presenting little jam jars of artificial flowers with a personalised ribbon tied around the neck of the jar…

Well, I’m already busy making something so should have something new to blog about next week!
Love Rosie


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Appliqued letter on cushion…

Boys need cushions… they may not love them the way they should and in the case of my husband, may not need as many updates to the covers as I think are necessary.
But, when sat on the sofa and getting comfy a cushion is a definite requisite…

So, when wasting a little time waiting for a bus change over I popped into a fabric store, rummaged in the remnants box and found this fabric 1I knew just what to do with it …

My daughter’s boyfriend recently celebrated a milestone birthday and I decided that as well as a boring ol’ voucher he’d get a cushion cover decorated with his initial with this travel themed fabric which suits his lifestyle very well.

I only had a little piece of the fabric – not quite enough to cut the letter in once piece so I drew the letter on bonding fabric and cut it up into random shapes (don’t forget if you use bonding fabric that you need to do everything back to front).

Then I used a readymade cushion cover from IKEA and ironed the shapes into place, I then blanket stitched around each piece.

2I was going to add pompoms to the corners but was advised that that may be a step too far, so I crocheted a fine trim all around the top edge of the cushion cover, and then popped in a pad and voila it was done. untitled

A nice fun project and if he hates it — he can turn in over and have a plain cover!  Luckily he’s too polite to have said anything other than thanks 🙂
Here it is in situ… 3

Thanks for reading
back soon

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Miniature crochet …

The doll house which will be set in the 1920’s had a perfectly lovely bed in it.. but I thought I’d change it.
I took off the cover it came with and pulled the mattress off the base, I covered this with some linen and fixed it back in place with glue.
Then I found a lace handkerchief and so as to keep the nice corners I folded it down the middle and laid over the mattress.
This little bedspread was crocheted with some fine wool I found in my mother -in-laws unwanted sewing materials, I thought it might be darning wool but a colleague thought it was sock wool. Either could be correct!
So I found the smallest crochet hook I had – and started a straightforward granny square but just kept going until I had run out of wool! As this was not big enough I used some cream to finish it off.

The pillow was covered in another handkerchief – with lily of the valley embroidered on and then backed with a small piece of crochet.
Once everything was done I made the bed up and now it’s ready.
Still along way to go before the house is ready though!

Thanks for reading, Back soon

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Fireplaces for my new house…

The new dolls house is going to be set in the 1920’s and I’m taking my time to source materials for its debut on Instagram sometime soon…
I was sorting out some bits and bobs and found a bag of dominoes… I had sketched out a large fireplace and rather spookily I thought these dominoes might suit as tiles and voila… they fit exactly!
So I stuck them on my drawing and once dry added a little decoration and finally a coat of varnish.

The other one was also a fluke of luck, I had bought some little wooden frames, painted them all gold and will get some chain to hang them… but that’s another story.  The frames came in a little wooden box and … yes you’ve guessed it … it was exactly the right size!
I drew on the shape of the grate and the surrounding tiles. Painted it with thick acrylic paint, to add definition of tiles I scored into the paint.
Once the dark colour was dry I added white.
The coals are a gel paint mixed with paper cut shapes and then mixed with red glitter glue…

That’s them done – can’t wait to get them in the house! I’ll be showing them in situ at a later date.
Back soon
Love Rosie

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Another work in progress…

I have started a slow process… I’m going to cross-stitch a rug for my dolls house, which has been kindly given to me and I am planning on renovating in a 1920’s style…
So far I am very in the planning stage.. the house is in wonderful condition and is full of furniture, there are plenty of jobs though, the lavatory needs to be a high level system.. the kitchen is a bit modern. I need to create a fireplace or two… all very nice to think about and do.
I also hope to make my own dolls and am looking forward to creating 1920’s clothes and hairstyles once the actual modelling is done.
So, not much to report but I can show you what I have done so far…
It will measure about 6″ x 8″ so it’s going to take a little while!
Thanks for reading this very short edition,

back soon
love Rosie

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Travelling clothes….

This week I have made two whole outfits…including hats! Of course they are quite small….the outfits in question are for the dollshouse figures Mr and Mrs Littleton.
Mrs Littleton had been feeling a little dowdy in her latest clothes
– she felt that she was still in the Victorian era when, as it’s now 1908 she is well and truly an Edwardian… her new clothes for the upcoming trip to Italy are much more the thing….


I started with the skirt – it’s an old sleeve, then the bodice and then the sleeves…


I wrapped a piece of lace over her shoulders and stitched the bodice and sleeves to it

Here’s her new outfit

Mr Littleton had only ever had a change of waistcoat, I wasn’t sure about making trousers but I used his old ones for a pattern and when struggling with his lapels, I remembered that apart from here I would only ever show him in black and white so I cheated and used felt.

Mrs Littleton’s hat was just a brim cut from felt and then the top was felt which I moulded with my thumb to the shape of her head, then whilst she was moulding it to her head I painted it with PVA glue and stuck the flowers on.

Mr Littleton’s wasn’t so easy as there were no flowers to cover it… so I cut the brim again, then the top of the hat was soaked in PVA and moulded to his head, then I ran my nail over and over until I had the nice ridge in the top… once dry I added the band of darker felt.

They are very happy with their new look, you can follow their story here.
Thanks for reading
back soon,
love Rosie

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Subtle decoration….

I do find it difficult to leave anything alone and my husband has been heard to say a few times over the years “Please don’t paint or stick anything on that…..”. well really, I mean I don’t have to decorate anything, but some things are just crying out for a little addition…
So whilst helping my mother-in-law to sort out her things I came across these little pot vases, I tried to sell them as they were but to no avail so before sending them off to a charity shop I decided to paint a little something on them…

I dithered for a while and then started ‘dotting’ little dots of paint on and those dots turned into flowers. This style of painting is an extremely simple mimic of the Aboriginal Style.
I used acrylic paint and when dry I gave the vases a coat of clear varnish.
The act of varnishing has disturbed the dots but I still quite like these ‘subtly’ decorated little vases…

and now for the blue one…

So, they are done, I might see if anyone buys them but if not then I think they will look nice with a few little flowers in them. P1040993
Thanks for looking,
back soon.
love Rosie

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A block for my granny squares….

As I’m sure you’re aware if you follow this blog, I am a fan of crocheting. I find it very relaxing to do and like that you can take it anywhere.
I had been making some simple little granny squares, in the car on long journeys to keep me awake and in front of the TV to stop me snacking (and keep me awake)!

Once I finished up my wool I decided to do one more round with another colour and to do this around all the squares I had so far completed.

Sadly I ran out of that one colour so it’s now two! Note to self – keep the paper wrapping, it makes getting another ball of wool to match oh so much easier!
Loveknitting tried to help me but sadly I have had to admit defeat.

As there were quite a few I thought I’d look into getting a former or block shaper to keep them nice and uniform.
My husband offered to make me one and here it is!

He said I should give it a coat of varnish, I was about to when I thought it might be fun to decorate it first…

It is a scrap of wood – hence the slight marks … I decided they added rustic charm… So the first thing I did was to start doodling rosebuds and just carried on.

I added loopy stems and leaves and then started to colour them in…

I coloured in the leaves in two shades of green and once finished I added a coat of this varnish which dries very quickly…

and now it’s almost full, unfortunately my next project has larger squares so I may have to get that peg board after all (don’t tell!)
Thanks for reading
back soon,
love Rosie




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The little box is done…

The project of upcycling the little wooden box which I started last week is finished.
I hummed and hahhed for ages trying to decide what I wanted to do on the top, after taking off the original paper picture.

But finally I decided to draw into the wood with an empty ball point pen, this pen has a very hard nib and proved a useful tool for embossing on the wood.

I kept the design extremely simple.
P1040927Once I was happy I got out the wood stain and gave it a good soaking…. after a few hours I patted off the excess.
Left it over night to properly dry and then gave it a coat of varnish.

I rather like it now – because the designed has been embossed into the wood it has a texture as well as the image of the design.

Think this one to keep!

Thanks for reading,
back next week


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Work in progress…

I’ve got such a lot of things to do at the moment that my hobby of making, drawing and crafting is taking a back seat.
But I have been doing a few bits and bobs, a little granny square crochet whilst watching TV and last Sunday I started doing a little work on a small box, it’s not finished but here’s what I’ve done so far…
I’ve been assisting in sorting out my mother-in-law’s home and have found a few interesting things, this little box seemed to be crying out for a little upcycle . It had a picture of an Isle of Man coast and a weird green lily of the valley or something kind of splodged over it, so I rubbed it down with fine sandpaper and the design revealed itself to be just a piece of paper, not the pyrography I had first thought.

So once I had it nice and smooth I started to think about what I wanted to do, I am doing quite a bit of research about Art Deco at the moment (new project to come soon!) and think I will do something on that theme…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, as you can see the slide show above, I pressed the indent and then stained the whole thing, I know it’s only scratch cover but that is what I found in the cupboard under the sink…now it’s time to think what else I am going to do….I’ll show you soon.P1040925Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week.
Love, Rosie


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A friend has requested another name banner – and this time all featuring Beatrix Potter characters. It’s been an absolute joy to study and, yes, copy her fine drawings around the 7 letters of a name.
Beatrix Potter is once again extremely popular with the launch of the feature film of Peter Rabbit but she has never not been popular with children, ever since her darling little tales were made into books.
But do you know anything about Beatrix? The film starring Renee Zellweger told her story – albeit in Hollywood style.
Her drawings are not just adorable but she is admired and studied by people who know that her work on botany and nature studies are excellent.
Her speciality being fungi…
“… before publishing The Tale of Peter Rabbit in 1902, the British writer and illustrator was interested in a range of scientific disciplines. The field that attracted her interest the most was mycology – the study of fungi.
For at least a decade, Potter painted hundreds of detailed, accurate images of mushrooms. She studied them under a microscope to investigate how they reproduced and wrote a paper on germinating fungal spores that was presented at the prestigious Linnean Society of London.
In recent years, this lesser-known side of Potter’s life has caused controversy. Historians, writers and scientists have interpreted her surviving letters and journal in very different ways. Some have suggested that she was a pioneering scientist whose contributions were suppressed by the patriarchal Victorian scientific establishment.
She showed her work and findings to William Thistleton-Dyer – the director of Kew – who it appears was not overly impressed . t is worth noting that although Potter was keen on studying fungi, there is no evidence she wanted to earn a living as a scientist. Her journal suggests she was motivated more by seeking something to occupy her intelligence and curiosity, make a little money and assert her independence – all at a time when most avenues for women were barred.
In that, of course, she succeeded: The Tale of Peter Rabbit alone has been translated into more than 45 languages and sold 45 million copies. More than 250 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide.
“Beatrix Potter was an intelligent woman who was bored and wanted something to do that would keep her busy and earn her a little money,” Lear said. “I don’t think she had any ambition to be a mycologist. She’s already been successful in selling some of her art work and when the research paper she wrote needed more work, she lost interest in favour of something that was more suited to what she was after.”
If you’d like to read the above in it’s full article form follow this link

Whatever the experts think, I love her drawings and stories. I have just spent the most enjoyable couple of days doing these…

So A is featuring Peter Rabbit, I decided to keep the letters uniform so I have written words from the story inside the letters – The Tale of Peter Rabbit in this one of course in a fine green felt pen and then coloured over with a green crayon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The lovely Mrs Tiggy-Winkle for the B

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Squirrel Nutkin came next….

Now for Jemima with the sandy whiskered gentleman nearby…. oh dear

Pigling Bland – how dapper

Another A and this time its The Tailor of Gloucester…

The final letter and my favourite – it’s Mr. Jeremy Fisher – I really enjoyed copying him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I’m happy with the drawings I will attach them to a ribbon and they will make a nice big name banner (each drawing is A4 size). I use Uni Pin drawing pens and  water soluble crayons which I did not wet.
I find the colours are more vibrant than ordinary colouring pencils.

This is not for sale.

Thanks for reading,
back next week





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Making time for meditative mindfulness with craft…

Everyone is busy, almost everyone is stressed and many of us suffer with anxiety
(not everyone I know, but definitely more than there should be!).

I have written about the health benefits before and it’s no secret that craft is celebrated for it’s meditative powers.

If your day-to-day life is hectic and complicated; you’re not going to help matters by getting involved in making something too complicated…
but there are many projects and techniques which create lovely things for you, your family and friends or for your home.

Try to focus on the soothing nature of creativity, pompom making (so popular at the moment); finger knitting; macramé; embroidery; crochet & weaving plus so much more…

Once you’ve gained the techniques (you will be surprised how quickly you can get to grips with what appeared so complicated before you started) and found a project from the many avenues available, magazines, books, Pinterest, YouTube etc, etc., you may just start to realise the benefits available to you.

A long journey on public transport to your place of work can be tedious and no matter how many times you look at your watch, you cannot alter the time of your arrival.
I often see folk looking at their phone and frantically tutting and looking out the window…getting more and more anxious and stressed.
Unlike driving however, you don’t actually have to concentrate on the journey (other than checking you’ve not gone past your destination).

Crocheting is a great activity on a train or bus (as long as you get a seat), you don’t have a sharp needle, which would be the case with sewing, you don’t need to move your arms very  much at all, no elbows out as with knitting.
It’s my chosen activity anyway, and if you want to listen to music or a story or podcast whilst crocheting that’s good too.

But if crafting on your journey is impossible, then what about a craft club at your place of work? Or a knit & natter get together?

Well, that’s what was started today at my place of work.

The idea had been bandied about for some time and this week a few like-minded folk just decided to do it.
We booked a small room for the lunch-period, added the information to an office news bulletin and then stuck a Knit & Natter sign on the door…that really was it.
I collated a few crafty bits and bobs. magazines and wool etc and we were off!
Others brought along their projects.

There were 6 of us, one making pompoms and showing another, 3 - Copy (2)
and a beginners lesson in crochet went on with two keen learners!

The table was quickly scattered with crafty bits and bobs, tea and chocs!

I did a little crochet, took a couple of photos and made a wool tassel. The hour just flew by and will soon be repeated….

Thanks for reading, back next week
Love Rosie

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Confession time….

My name is Rosie and I am addicted to Roberts Radios…there I’ve said it. I can’t help it, I know it’s bordering on an illness but I love them.

So it was with great sadness that I noticed one of my first of these gorgeous things was shedding it’s skin! The vinyl covering was peeling off and it looked rather sad and dare I say it …. tatty.

So last Sunday I decided to give it a little upcycle and peeled off the remaining layer. Then started a simple square pattern with Sharpies. I had to keep changing pens as it ruined the nibs but as I have a few Sharpies (understatement of the year) it was fine. I kept to a restricted palette of yellows and greens.

When I finished I just smeared a little yellow paint over the whole thing and then gave it a coat of my favourite glitter paint.


You can pay to get these recovered professionally which could be a better option but for now this will do for me.

Thanks for reading, back next week

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Just a quick little change….

I bought a box years ago and use it to store my paintbrushes in, it’s just covered in a paper and the other weekend whilst sitting at my desk trying to decide what I wanted to do, I found myself staring at just the thing. My boring old box.
I decided to cover it …
So I removed the catch and gave it a good rub down.
Then I selected a pack of papers I had recently picked up at The Works and started cutting up a selection.
I splodged some PVA glue on the box and started laying the papers on.
I overlapped the curved top and with plenty of PVA both under and on top of the paper I massaged it over the curves.

I left it to dry and then trimmed any papers that needed it and gave the whole thing another coat of PVA.
I screwed the catch back on and voila it’s got a new lease of life and goes with my room colours more.
It was only when photographing it that I noticed the missed section on the front! This has now been rectified.

Thanks for reading
Back soon, Rosie

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Canal Art Inspired…

After a recent trip to Derby, in the East Midlands of England, where I visited a lively pub next to a lock and saw some really gorgeous canal art… I felt inspired to have a go.

I had these wooden condiment and napkin ring set which were old, a little tired and decided that, when I had a little free time I would have a go at this ancient skill.

So with a day to myself I started.
First I painted everything with black acrylic paint and set it aside to dry. Acrylic paint dries quickly thank goodness as I was eager to get started.

I gave myself a restricted palette, plus yellow and green. 21

Once the black was dry I painted green blob shapes which will be the leaves, and once again left to dry, patience is a virtue… it’s really worth the wait, though so tempting not to!

Once dry I mixed up some pink and started painting the sweeping petal shapes. This obviously takes practise which I plan to do but I’m reasonably happy with the results I got.

The other flower is a blue daisy or cornflower type flower and it is started with a blue circle…then the petals are added in white finally a little yellow dot in the middle.

With white paint I added occasional groups of 3 dots.
With the white painted petals over the pink flowers and the yellow detail on the leaves the painting is finished.

I varnished everything and here they are finished. I may put them on my Etsy shop – good enough to sell?



Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week!
Love Rosie



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Failing my self imposed challenge…?

I’ve had a madly busy few weeks, plus one week out of action with a re-occurrence of a debilitating virus and have run out of my stored drafts regarding makes and have made nothing new …. oh well, I’ve had a good run.
But wait! I haven’t revealed all the items I made for a magazine, my daughter saw an advert for craft article writers and I was so excited to get selected, sadly it wasn’t to be as…. although my article was accepted, sadly the magazine went out of business before my work was published.

But the work is mine, though the makes were ‘suggested’ by the editor.
So here’s one.. (the items had to be Autumn and/or feather related).

So, here’s my feather gift tags and hand drawn gift wrap also covered in feathers.
A few real feathers from Hobbycraft added to the photos…

Feather gift tags
1. Either draw your own or use the feather templates to cut out feather shapes in your choice of patterned paper or card, a scalpel and cutting mat are useful but you could use scissors.
2. Score down the centre of the feathers and gently fold 5
3. Write your message on the top feather and fix two or three feathers together to create a unique gift tag!
4. Buy or make your own feather wrapping paper by either drawing feathers or using a stamp
5. Punch a hole through all layers of the gift tag and thread through with the raffia or suede lace and decorate with feathers

Materials: Patterned paper from The Works;
suede lace, raffia and feathers from Hobbycraft,
feather stamps available from Luck&Luck

Thanks so much for reading, I’ll get something done for next week!
Love Rosie



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Paper banner…

A while ago I was asked to do a birthday banner for a good friend and colleagues birthday party. I had great fun drawing and colouring this and when asked if I could make another for his grand-daughter I was thrilled to oblige.
I was provided with a list of her favourite characters from Peppa Pig to Peter Rabbit and I went to town!
Later on I was asked to do another, again with a list of characters and finally recently one last one for the older brother.
Here’s what I did for him… I confess the character’s are all copied, you’ll probably recognise them! But the idea of adding them to individual letters is mine, I haven’t tried to do the characters with the same initials as that just gets too tricky.
But I had such fun doing them. No wonder colouring in is so popular nowadays, I used Sharpies and they are so good. Memories of using felt tip pens as a child are full of the pens running out or getting fluffy points, opening them up and using the inside bit, getting covered in the ink in the process….
So here’s ROBERT (each letter is on A3 card)

dinosaur – the R has dinosaur type footprints all other it.

Next the O – this was a challenge, a transformer!

This time I did the Bee logo for this character – the logo was on the website along with the transformer.
OK , next came I tried to be clever and do the B out of Lego bricks but it just went wonky and wrong, but I like the Lego people so just did them! If you look carefully you can just see the little Lego bumps all over the B.16Right now the E.
12   15-1.png this was my favourite. I liked doing the bricks on the letter and I really like his little legs! (Spiderman)
So, now another R
13 I find vehicles hard to do so I cheated and just put half the fire truck in this one.
Final letter coming up…
17.(Batman – cheated and hid half his bat mobile!)
All done, I stuck a length of red ribbon to the tops with double sided tape, so it can be strung up on a bedroom wall.
3 10 16 15 13 17
I had such fun doing this that when I heard that a family member had a 6th birthday coming up I did a little version for him too… I can’t do these to sell – copyright issues and all that but happy to do one for anyone – just let me have the details!
1-2-e1548444247986.png   2-4.png   3-4.png   4-3.png4-3.png
I knew this boy was a fan of JCB, Judo and Thomas and was so pleased to see he liked Spiderman (got to do those little legs again!)

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week with something new.
Love Rosie







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Crochet hook case…

I’ve mentioned before about the gorgeous material my friend gave me, after a sort out of my material stash and noticing that I had a broken, plastic, useless case for my crochet hooks, I reached the conclusion that I needed to make myself something.

I chose two different materials which I think go together very nicely.

I cut three rectangles – wide enough to take my hooks. The blue was put together with the right-sides out and the yellow was folded over (a run of my favourite stitch was done along the top of the fold – see above) and placed on top.
I’m sure there are plenty of patterns and instructions on how to make a case like this but I was impatient and just jumped straight in!

I then started to stitch some random sized ‘slots’ through both pieces of fabric but with the yellow creating the pockets. I marked them first using a straight edge.

Once I got to the end I made a couple of ties.

Then stitched the raw edges over – mostly with the machine but completed the thick corners by hand.16.png

 I stitched the ties on and finished the ends neatly.
And is that, I’m very happy with my new case.

Now, I know I have overused the embroidery stitch on this, but you see the thread is lovely to use, my machine was happy (and it sometimes doesn’t like doing anything other than a straight stitch – so I went a little overboard, it’s just for me though and I like it!)

Thanks for reading
Back soon, Rosie

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Didn’t sell….time to change..

I don’t seem to be painting or decorating so many of the wooden boxes that I initially went crazy for recently, but these drawers were one of the first things I decorated, they have been in my online shop for quite a while, but although they received plenty of interest, no-one bought them so I’ve decided to change the design.

I removed the drawers and took off the hand pulls. I then sanded the whole thing down and looked though my collection of papers.
I have this paper on my own earring storage, I really love the design. The book of papers was a gift from my daughter (she knows me well!) and I’ve used them a great deal, they are by Katie Pertiet

I added gold paint around the frame on the front but left the sides and top black, The whole thing is gently sparking. Once the paper was stuck and had a coat of PVA to seal and some glitter paint, I re-affixed the drawer pulls (a very fiddly job!) and it was done.

So, here’s what the drawers look like now…


Time to see if anyone likes it now.. next month it will be going back on ETSY  
Thanks for reading, back soon
Love Rosie


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Is it ok to copy…?

I’ve always copied…from the early days of comic book characters to Disney, E H Shepard’s wonderful illustrations –  I could go on forever so I’ll stop now…

Copying is a really good way to learn to draw.

So, whilst looking for a picture to put in my bathroom clip frame for a while, I found this… it’s a copy of the cover illustration of one of my favourite author’s novels.
An Imaginative Experience by Mary Wesley, with the artwork on the covers by Sue Moxley.

mary wesley

If you haven’t read any of Mary Wesley, you should! Her biography is also fascinating, she started writing novels in later years and her life story makes interesting reading.

I love graphic art, used on record sleeves and book jackets, it can make your decision whether to buy or not.

So, this picture is a complete copy, I enlarged it by eye and as it was just for my own enjoyment I didn’t really care too much how precisely I copied, I just liked it.
Also I never actually intended to show my interpretation and the fantastic original in quite such close proximity!animaginativeexperience 1
Feel free to let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading,
back soon

The original picture is shown here by:- By Source, Fair use,

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A thank you for having me gift….

At Christmas time so many of us descend on others for a day of feasting and my husband and I went for Boxing Day to my sister’s.
I love a day with family and with mine that usually includes playing games and our Boxing day visit this year was no exception. (The game this year was Pass the biscuits) it’s really good fun!

As you know, if you regularly read my blogs I’m a keen crochet-er and like to find something simple to crochet whilst watching TV or travelling around, hospital visiting etc…

I found the instructions on YouTube for this simple little circle. (I would add a link but I can’t find the actual one I used now – it’s simply 18 treble crochet though, so if you crochet that’s simple and if you don’t, well you probably don’t need to know!)

At first I started joining as I went; using alternate red and white but then ran out of red and couldn’t find the exact match in my local shop.
So I took it apart and started making the circles in red, white and green finally joining them all at the end of my wool. (This saved cutting off all the ends as they were used to stitch each circle to the next).

My sister may be the Queen of Christmas – her whole house is transformed and so I thought she could cope with a Christmas throw…
She was very polite on opening it and here it is in situ:-

Thanks for reading – happy new year for 2019

love Rosie


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A little decoration…

Feeling a bit under the weather I decided to stick a few buttons and beads on a polystyrene bell…
I chose only red and green and white buttons and used some lovely pearl beads given to me by my friend and neighbour. The gold filigree on the base was also from her.
I used seed beads to prevent the pins going right through the holes in the buttons.

I pinned until the bell was totally covered, pinned a little wool for a hook and that was that…1
I’ve pinned it to the front door for now…
Thanks for reading, back soon

love Rosie

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What to use this fabric for…

My friend of many many years recently gave me a lot of fabric – all of exceptional quality. But this fabric…well I couldn’t think what to do with. When my husband needed a cover for a machine in his shed I considered using it. When I informed my sister of this sacrilege she soon put me right and suggested all sorts of things this lovely fabric could be used for.
So here it is, a simple tote bag with pockets. I will be using it to hold some dough-nuts (and tea!) as a little birthday gift for someone soon.


I cut out 2 rectangles of fabric and  added a patch pocket to the right side of one and the inside of the other, then sewed it up to a tote bag kind of shape. I do like a pocket!

I actually made it a little wide so I gathered in the top a little at the sides so that the top is less wide open but the bag is plenty roomy enough to cope with all those cakes.

I sewed a couple of strips of fabric to make the shoulder straps and stitched them well and truly to the top of the bag and that’s it! (Thanks sis, it was a good idea).

Can now see that maybe I should have lined up the pockets! Too late now though…1
I also hemmed up four squares to make napkins and still have some left over, think this would be great for applique – maybe with a little embroidery added? Watch this space…

Thanks for reading

back soon


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It’s December and time to…

Hang up the bunting!
With my love of crochet and needing a little project to do whilst visiting a relative in hospital (well reading would be rude and there’s only so long a one way conversation can keep going), I decided to look at YouTube for some inspiration.

I’m in the early days of crocheting and find watching someone is way easier than following a pattern, once I’ve memorised it I do try and write a sort of pattern myself- hopefully I will soon use the same abbreviations as the professionals ….

So I searched for Christmas ideas and up popped this lovely little tree.
I watched the video first and then got started.

Once I’d made ten I stitched them to some velvet ribbon.
Added a little Christmas Sparkle with a blob of glitter glue and it’s done,

I’ve put it on my Etsy shop but won’t be too sad if it doesn’t sell …
Thanks for reading,
Back next week
Love Rosie

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A plain box no more…

Recently, my mum offered me some drawing paper, canvases and a portable easel, all items a friend of hers was passing on. Needless to say I said ‘yes please!’.

So, one day I was looking at the box which is the easel and decided that it was just asking to be decorated.
Without much thought, I must confess, I picked up the box and my drawing pen and started to doodle.
As is often the way with me, I started to draw flowers. I kept going until I had covered the top with these flowers …


Once I’d covered the whole thing I started to add a little colour…


You can just see, in the last picture above I added some greenery, this was done with a little bit of sponged green around the edges …       13

and that’s it, I quite like it now and it is now just sitting and waiting to be taken out for some painting soon.

Thanks for reading,
Back soon
love Rosie


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Wooden Brooches…

Whilst sorting out my drawers and cupboards which contain all my crafty bits and bobs I came across these birds and owls.
I had bought the owls for a photo-shoot of craft makes for a magazine article, sadly although my article was taken, the magazine went out of print before it was published …. Oh well, I will keep going!
So I decided that the birds, already coloured would look nice with a little gold marker around the edge of the birds and with a fine gold pen a nice little intricate pattern drawn over the entire surface.

Once dry I glued on a brooch back and voila it’s done, I really liked these so I have packaged them for sale in my Etsy shop.        24     25

The owls were similarly decorated though as these came uncoloured, I coloured them in before decorating with the gold pens again.

I really love these gold pens and markers, they write on anything, are permanent and just give a really nice finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading,

love Rosie

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Bargain cushion cover…

Whilst changing buses on my route home from work the other day I found myself with 4 minutes to spare; so I  popped into a fabric shop to look in their remnants bin…

One of the pieces I hastily grabbed was some Sanderson ‘William Morris’.

There was just enough to make an envelope style cushion cover. This means you need no zip fastener as the fabric overlaps at the back. (Here’s an easy to understand YouTube site showing you how to make this type of cushion cover – you’ll never look back once you’ve tried this!) #nomorezips

I really like the fabric but felt that the flowers were crying out for a little embroidered detail so I did that and voila – it’s made…

Thanks for reading.
back soon, Rosie

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Fabric Painting on tea-cloths…

My family have a rule that we give each other little presents at the Christmas dinner table which have not cost us a fortune….
A couple of years ago I decided to have a tea theme with a little bag of gifts for all,              I bought some fancy tea bags and drew on some wooden stirrers  DSCF2163  and added a tea-cloth for everyone which I had drawn on with fabric pens…
Here’s what I did:-


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading, oh and don’t worry family… I don’t think you’ll be getting such daft things this year, well maybe not… If you fancy doing this I used Sharpie Fabric pens and also Ikea fabric pens.
Back soon.
love Rosie

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Yoga mat bag…

My daughter asked me ages ago to make her a bag for her yoga mat, I have to confess I misheard and thought she wanted me to make her a mat.  Doh…

Anyway I finally got around to it and this is what I did…

I had been given these two lovely fabrics by a friend and they are very nice to work with.

I cut the material to fit the rolled up mat,  using the two colours.
Stitched in the handle and the circular base, added a drawstring with brass rings to stop the cord going back in !

and it was done. 12

Its a really quick make and as it shown here –
fits and helps store the mat neatly! 13

Thanks for reading, see you next week


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Applique cushion with vintage fabric….

Firstly folks I have to confess that this is not actually vintage fabric but lovely new fabric in a vintage style.
My friend of … eek… a lot of years, kindly gave me some of her beautiful fabric.
She’s a skilled patch worker and although I am keen to try more of that too, I do love applique, and whilst folding and tidying my fabric stash I decided to use some of it.

I have many of these cushion covers which I bought in IKEA. I do love to make things in their entirety but really, these are well made, the zip is concealed and it doesn’t seem worth doing that bit myself when the decorating is the fun part!

So on a nice warm afternoon I fixed some of the reds and greens to some Bondaweb and then started cutting out the leaves and the petals.

Once I had some of various sizes I started to lay them in place, leaves first then the largest petals, removing the paper backing and pressing them in place with a warm iron. Finishing up with the smallest petals and leaving a hole in the middle.

Then I took myself into the garden and started blanket stitching with embroidery silk around the raw edges of every petal and leaf, whilst listening to a play on the radio and enjoying a coffee… bliss.
(OK there was quite a lot of hand sewing around all those petals so it wasn’t done in one session… I had quite a few sessions – mostly in the garden though, it’s been a lovely long hot summer in England!)

Once I had the petals and leaves in place and stitched I started on the centre. I had some of the same type of fabric in a pale yellow and cut it into little strips, these I folded over and stitched so the edges were all folded in, then I looped three of them and stitched in place and rolled the fourth and made it the centre.

I’m not sure what flower it is meant to be but I like it.
My daughter says it’s Christmassy, too Christmassy for everyday?
So now the decision – do I keep or put on Etsy…

Thanks for reading
Back soon



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Sunflower cushion…

A lovely friend recently celebrated her half century and I decided to make a gift. As I’m enjoying decorating cushion covers at the moment I decided to do one for her.

I was advised that her favourite flower is the sunflower and got started…

First I drew the basic shape in pencil, a large head almost filling the cushion front.
I painted the petals in fabric paint and added a couple of yellow bees too.
I allowed the paint to dry for 24 hours and then pressed with a warm iron to ‘fix’ it.



I then embroidered around the edges of the petals to add a nice texture to the cushion and clearly define the petals.

The centre is 15cm in diameter so I cut a piece of yellow felt, I then added a little ‘felting’ to add texture and then started on the mammoth task of sewing seed beads on, three at a time.
It took ages and half way through I cursed myself for starting ….but I kept on and when I had completed it, I was really happy with it. The beads add a nice texture to the cushion.


I stitched the centre in place and then went all around the circle with a blanket stitch in embroidery silk.
Then I completed the bees with black embroidery silk.


It’s already with the birthday girl and hopefully a comfy addition to her sofa.

Thanks for reading, back soon,
Love Rosie

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Free fabric…

On a recent journey home from work I had a few minutes to spare right by a fabric store, it would have been churlish not to take a look, right?
They had a few books of sample fabrics, they were rather huge and much as I wanted to take these books – oh I forgot to say… they were free!!!! they were really too heavy.
Just as I was about to walk away, disappointed,  I spotted some little books, one with real silk fabric and one with a synthetic silk, yippee!
I grabbed them quickly and got my bus home.

When I came to use them I chose the real silk one and cut away the fabric stuck to paper – kept it though, must come in handy for something…
I selected all the beige and mushroom colours and sewed them together in their squares, rather handily they fitted together rather well in a cushion size.


I then carefully ironed some reds and oranges and golds and greens to some Bondaweb.  I then drew some flowers and leaves and cut them out.


I ironed them in place and then with embroidery silk I spent some happy hours going around all the said flowers and leaves with blanket stitch.
I added some gold sequins with a button on top for the centre of the flowers and then stitched the whole thing to a square of fabric.


I’m quite pleased with my freebie cushion cover – what do you think?
Thanks for reading,
back soon
Love Rosie

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Sewing machine cover…

I have already made a cover for my sewing machine, and I do love it, but I think it will better suit my sewing room/studio which sadly only exists in my mind at the moment.IMG_7449
As I do all my arts and crafts in my sitting room I try, to hide everything away.
So when I took out my sewing machine to make a yoga mat (I’ll show what I did to make that in a blog soon), I finished sewing and squeezed it back in the cupboard and poked all the wool and fabrics and ribbons and glue etc etc that all live in the cupboard with it and then remembered that I had another project I wanted to sew!

My very understanding husband said I should just leave the machine out on a little side table, but the lovely caravan cover was a little bright and so I decided to make another cover….

I had made a patchwork quilt with some lovely fabric my friend Lisette had given me but the small quilt was just laying on the end of the spare bed and as the colours matched the sitting room furniture I decided to use it to make another cover!


I cut the newspaper pattern the long strip is the width of your machine and the length is the measurement all over the machine from one side edge to the next, and the rectangle pieces are the front and back of your machine,

I sewed it by hand whilst watching the TV, slightly ironic I suppose 6

and then machined some ribbon around the bottom edging.
Green patchwork sewing machine cover

I’m pretty happy with it, and until I get my dream craft room it can stay out of that cramped cupboard.

Thanks for reading,

back soon

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