Put up the bunting!

20160325_101004 It’s Good Friday and I’ve got the day off work, I’ve done a little gardening and am now sitting in the sun – how lovely to be able to do, so early in the year.
It’s Spring and a time for new arrivals, plants are coming out of hibernation as well as the animal world.
How better to celebrate, almost anything than with the hanging of bunting?

Bunting is back and incredibly popular at the moment.
Wikipedia states “The term bunting is also used to refer to a collection of flags, and particularly those of a ship. The officer responsible for raising signals using flags is known as “bunts”, a term still used for a ship’s communications officer.”

I can remember the plastic variety flapping about at village fetes and celebrations when I was a child but now it seems that well made fabric bunting is back and we all love it!

I said before when I made some Christmas Bunting in an early post that I adore it.
I enjoy making it and love to see it up. 11889626_10153230458148558_6550924493351528325_n

So, when my daughter told me that her good friends had new baby I offered to make some nursery bunting.

I have no need to buy any new fabric for bunting as I am using up the many single duvet covers left here when my daughter moved out.
As this new baby is named Lucy I decided to spell out her name in buttons with a letter on each flag (I may not have done this if her name had been much longer!).

To begin…
2016-02-16 20.35.24
I laid out the buttons, I bought these a while ago and can’t remember where from but you can buy cheap bags from many craft suppliers, Hobbycraft etc.
I needed to find out how big my flags would be so laid out all the letters and drew around them.

This gave me the size, each flag is quite large but that’s ok for a short name. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard that odd numbers work better, whether it’s plants or in photography it just looks better.

I want five flags so have added a heart to the final one.

2016-02-16 21.15.57

To fit these mixed buttons, I found it’s just best to be random and keep putting them in where they fit. I kept going and then stuck them on. I used UHU glue, it’s strong and doesn’t stain fabric. After I stuck them in place, I let it dry and then stitched each button in place too. This is hopefully going to be hung in the nursery so it’s really important that the buttons stay in place.

I have used a pale green fabric for this side – so the buttons will show up well. I have a mauve floral fabric for the other side of the flag. so now I cut that fabric in the same shape and stitched around with the fabric right sides together.

Once stitched I turned them to the right way, using a paintbrush handle (knitting needle would be good too) to get the point neat. You can snip the fabric here to aid turning and to keep the point sharp.

Now it is time to press the seams. Don’t forget to avoid those plastic buttons!
2016-02-18 17.08.36
Time to top stitch. I have a few embroidery stitches on my sewing machine, it’s a few years old but has done me well. (Singer)

Now it’s time to stitch the flags together, I cut a thin strip of the mauve material and pressed it. I laid out the flags in position – leaving a gap between and pinned into place. Whilst pinning I decided to turn over the top corners so the mauve material also showed on the front, as it matches the buttons so nicely.
2016-02-18 18.32.34

I stitched the binding to the flags I used a straight stitch and then went over with an embroidery stitch.

Well, that’s it, I’ve taken a picture of it strung across the door frame, the photo won’t win any prizes but will give you the general idea.
2016-02-18 19.05.29

Well, I’ll be back soon. Love to see what you make too.


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