Decorating Plates

Anyone tried the popular style of decorating using Sharpie pens yet, they can be used for drawing or writing on just about anything? If you are thinking about it… please read to the end. Obviously not good when you get them on items accidentally but ideal for easy decoration ideas.

I recently received the following link from Hobbycraft. I’ve used Sharpies for a long time but have never tried them on crockery or glassware. I’ve read so many reviews about how good they withstand use and washing up and as usual with such things some folk love them and think they stay on well whilst others say they washed straight off, well I’ve decided to give them a go.  Again, if you are thinking of doing the same, please read to the bottom of this blog before you start!

I have a nice crockery which I use everyday – and on pain of divorce I won’t be touching them. But I also have spares, some years back we had a separate dining room and painted the walls in a deep orange ‘Indian Dance‘. I bought some orange plates then. Some time ago my mum saw some bargains and bought me some green plates and serving bowls. Great for dinner parties but not needed everyday. .

So after finding 3 plates in my cupboard, 2 white and 1 a creamy colour I decided to have a ‘go’ at Sharpie decorating them to co-ordinate with my ‘spares’,

I’ve decided to keep to a small palette of colours, I actually only used 2 greens and an orange in the end.

Right, so what to do… I remembered that at Christmas I drew an out-line of a  reindeer on a canvas board, and filled the image with line drawings of circles, sort of flower petals and dots. Yep sounds crazy, I would show you but it’s up in the loft, and I don’t like balancing on the ladder, there are quite a few boxes of Christmas decs and I don’t know which one it’s in….oh and I think a mouse is up there!
Anyway, I started in the middle of the first plate and following on from my ivy painting, I have taken loads and loads of photos of each stage…..

Sorry about all the shadows, I was in the sunny garden, too good to miss as it was only the 2 April!

Anyway I carried on, just using the same three colours…

Till, I had covered the centre of the plate – then did some little dotty bits to infil the gaps and a pretty edging and the first plate was done…

Then the next plate – slightly different design but the same colours:-

and now the last and third plate, again the same sort of patterns, the same colours but a bit different.

I decided to bake them twice, as that is suggested in the Hobbycraft link above. I use a gas oven so I popped them in, one on each shelf, for 30 mins at gas mark 3 (you must put them in the oven when it’s still cold, then allow them to cool as the oven cools). I then gave them another 30 mins at the same temperature.

This is them finished – the writing on the back will also be used as a test – I will give that bit a good scrub on washing. The colours have changed a bit in the baking (firing) stage but still ok.
I’m not publishing this for another week, so will use the plates and report on how well they take to use.

Well, the results are in…. it’s hopeless!
I will contact Hobbycraft* and see if they use other types of Sharpie than I have, but I wasted my type decorating those plates. I had advised my husband that we would be testing them all week. I washed them before using…. and washed the pattern away. I just used Fairy Washing Up Liquid and hot water. My sponge is just an ordinary one. The pattern just came off – although the writing on the back of the cream plate stayed on! So it may be the type of crockery used.
I will be sticking to Pebeo products

for decorating such items in the future, lasts a whole lot better!

*I’ve left this for a week after contacting Hobbycraft to ask what they used in their Blog, afraid they have not come back to me.

Back soon, hopefully with something more permament next time!

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