Table Runner

2016-04-16 09.32.36

The other week my daughter and I had a full day together, we had such a nice time.
We decided to explore Richmond (she had been a couple of times before but it was a first for me). It’s a lovely town, the famous park and it being on the river make it even more delightful, but on our day the weather was a bit unpredictable…. we attempted to walk to Ham House along by the river but were, quite literally, blown back into town. We actually went to the cinema in the end, what a treat to spend a mid week afternoon watching a good film. (We saw Eddie the Eagle, and laughed and cried¬† – it’s worth seeing if you can)

Anyway, we had a good look in the shops and popped into Zara Home and saw this lovely table runner. Being a tad mean I decided it was too expensive for just a bit of hemmed material …. then further down the store I spotted these tea-cloths and decided to get them and stitch together for a quick make-my-own table runner.

They are nicely made and the fabric feels good,

2016-04-16 09.32.22
I found some bias binding and some double sided tape….why not just stitch together with a sewing machine… well, sob sob my sewing machine is not actually working at the moment. Luckily my husband is pretty good at fixing things, but as we doing so much work on our home (actually his new shed at the moment) my poor sewing machine is still in bits…).
2016-04-16 09.37.14
I laid the towels on my work top and made sure I had them the right way for the runner!

2016-04-16 09.40.37

and stuck the sticky tape on the back.

Peeled off the backing tape and stuck some bright yellow bias binding down.
2016-04-16 09.41.41

As the sticky tape is not washable and as I think I will keep this as a table runner and not return it to tea-cloth, I hem stitched the bias binding to the cloth. This stitch is pretty impossible to see from the right side. You just pick up a single thread of the top cloth and plenty of the backing. I’m no expert but there is tuition available here (and plenty elsewhere I am sure).

Once I had done each side I gave the join at both ends a few stitches to keep the cloths together.
All done, I’ve laid it over a white cloth and haven’t ironed it yet so excuse the creases. A little dinner party this week will give me the opportunity to try it out.
2016-04-16 09.42.142016-04-16 10.30.08

Do you like the little flower lights? A purchase from Tiger. I think I’ll use them at my dinner party.. bit safer than candles!
Well, that’s my table runner made.

Back soon – next weeks blog will be the napkins I decorated to go with this table runner.

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