Drawing People

Why do we like to draw ourselves? We all do it… even if you haven’t drawn anything other than a doodle when on hold on the telephone,  I’m sure, at some time in your life, even if not since childhood.
I remember my daughters first drawings at nursery.. (don’t worry I won’t embarrass you, my daughter!).

The other day I had visited one of my favourite lunchtime haunts, The Works. I have a few shops that I enjoy a stroll around at lunchtime but often drop in there, rarely leaving without a purchase or two and if you’ve read the rest of my posts you’ll know I buy a lot of their wooden craft items.

This time I saw these little mannikins, 2016-05-13 19.11.17these human figure mannikins used to be so expensive that I dreamed of owning my own for years, doing an A level in art in my 20’s gave me the opportunity to get one and I still love it.(He’s the picture at the top of the post)  So, seeing a mini one for £2 seemed too good a bargain and I had to have one, (they do stock the 12″ one too and that’s only £4).

Travelling home I started to think about drawing the human figure. Spoiler alert…. there is NO nudity in this blog!

It’s easy to draw a person – see this lovely link…

I’ve done a little online research and found a few interesting articles about drawing and why we do it.Did you ever buy or receive a gift of a primary school tea-towel with the children’s self portraits on, it’s really interesting in seeing the difference from Reception class to year 6.

Well, what ever the reason I can’t remember not drawing, I’ve always loved it and found great satisfaction doing so. Not everything is kept, some are given away as greetings cards, some are even framed and lived with for a few years, some are put in a box and others simply discarded.

So, I thought I’d share a few tips on drawing the human figure (mostly quite cartoonish, similar idea to my previous post on drawing cartoon faces)

Ok so although we are all different shapes and sizes in reality*, a drawing usually follows a few basic rules, if you draw regularly you probably just ‘do’ this.

As with the face there are some surprising finds – like the fact that our ears and eyes are in the middle of our head, our arms are surprisingly long.

Here’s my interpretation of these rules (remember * )

A rough guide line – a fully grown adult man’s head can be reproduced 7.5 times down the length of his body… does that make sense?

Let’s draw a sketch in a soft pencil over this red marker…

2016-05-13 20.05.07

(I think the angle of my camera has distorted this somewhat – he hasn’t really got giant feet!)

So next an average* woman…
2016-05-13 20.06.28

An average* child…
2016-05-13 20.07.37

and finally an average little’un

2016-05-13 20.08.21

These are very sketchy but you get the general idea?

How about this drawing…
2016-05-13 20.11.41

What’s making this drawing just look ‘wrong’?
It’s her arms…
2016-05-13 20.14.27

Here’s an image from a book on drawing figures (I have clothed him!)

I don’t do a  great deal of figure drawing, usually it’s teddy bears or hedgehogs! But I’ve found a few of my attempts:-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what you think!
Happy artycrafty weekend to you all,
back soon,





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