Paint your own Tea-Towels

Hello again,

On seeing a bargain box of plain white tea-towels in Ikea, only £1 per pair a while back, I excitedly thought that’s a great bargain!
If you read my blog you’ll know I like nothing better than drawing on clothes  and napkins etc, so the chance of getting these really well made cloths made my day. It looks like they were an end of line though as they do not seem to be on the website now, sorry about that.

So here’s what I did … I used Ikea’s fabric pens and Sharpie fabric markers.
Tea-towel 1:-

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Tea-Towel 2:-

Tea-Towel 3:-

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Tea-Towel 4:-

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Tea-towel 5:-

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and the last one….

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I did use a little colour on the teapot but with these fabric pens, I prefer to use the Sharpie pens as the nib is finer but the colours in that range are a bit to bright for my taste…and my kitchen is grey with white tiles with just one wall covered in this wallpaper, which I love! So, I’ve favoured using just the black pen, when you’re doing your own thing you really have total control!

If you don’t like to draw straight on cloth you could use a fabric marker which will disappear if/when you go wrong, or trace an image, again there are plenty of products to use, the links show you two ideas.
Do let me know if you decide to have a go too.

Back soon,
Love Rosie


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An avid arty crafty kind of person, I can never leave anything as it was intended, as you will come to see as I post my arty and crafty blogs which follow a self-imposed challenge to create something every week and blog about whatever I've done. I hope my work will inspire your own creations but please note that the text, pictures and artwork are ©rosiesartsandcrafts unless otherwise noted; all rights reserved. The content of this blog may not be copied or used without permission. Projects and layouts may not be copied for submission to contests, magazines, or other publications in any form. For questions or comments please email
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