Napkins – decorating a little gift

One of the items on my niece’s gift list was a salt and pepper set, cute little hens. As I love drawing on napkins I decided to do some to match these little hens.


Laura Ashley

I bought some nice plain white napkins, found my fabric felt pens (you can can buy them from IKEA (very reasonable) or Sharpie (the colours are a bit bright) or Dylon and I expect lots of others.

So, I decided to use the same colours on each napkin, all to feature something to do with the hen salt and pepper.

So, first one




Another one showing the hens…

and lastly, hens going cluck….

img_4109.jpg     img_4112.jpg


here’s all four, I also managed to get some acrylic napkin rings with a chicken motif on them..


Back soon,

love, Rosie

My Etsy shop is now open:
(not a lot there at the moment, sorry)

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