Failing my self imposed challenge…?

I’ve had a madly busy few weeks, plus one week out of action with a re-occurrence of a debilitating virus and have run out of my stored drafts regarding makes and have made nothing new …. oh well, I’ve had a good run.
But wait! I haven’t revealed all the items I made for a magazine, my daughter saw an advert for craft article writers and I was so excited to get selected, sadly it wasn’t to be as…. although my article was accepted, sadly the magazine went out of business before my work was published.

But the work is mine, though the makes were ‘suggested’ by the editor.
So here’s one.. (the items had to be Autumn and/or feather related).

So, here’s my feather gift tags and hand drawn gift wrap also covered in feathers.
A few real feathers from Hobbycraft added to the photos…

Feather gift tags
1. Either draw your own or use the feather templates to cut out feather shapes in your choice of patterned paper or card, a scalpel and cutting mat are useful but you could use scissors.
2. Score down the centre of the feathers and gently fold 5
3. Write your message on the top feather and fix two or three feathers together to create a unique gift tag!
4. Buy or make your own feather wrapping paper by either drawing feathers or using a stamp
5. Punch a hole through all layers of the gift tag and thread through with the raffia or suede lace and decorate with feathers

Materials: Patterned paper from The Works;
suede lace, raffia and feathers from Hobbycraft,
feather stamps available from Luck&Luck

Thanks so much for reading, I’ll get something done for next week!
Love Rosie



About rosiesartsandcrafts

An avid arty crafty kind of person, I can never leave anything as it was intended, as you will come to see as I post my arty and crafty blogs which follow a self-imposed challenge to create something every week and blog about whatever I've done. I hope my work will inspire your own creations but please note that the text, pictures and artwork are ©rosiesartsandcrafts unless otherwise noted; all rights reserved. The content of this blog may not be copied or used without permission. Projects and layouts may not be copied for submission to contests, magazines, or other publications in any form. For questions or comments please email
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