Another work in progress…

I have started a slow process… I’m going to cross-stitch a rug for my dolls house, which has been kindly given to me and I am planning on renovating in a 1920’s style…
So far I am very in the planning stage.. the house is in wonderful condition and is full of furniture, there are plenty of jobs though, the lavatory needs to be a high level system.. the kitchen is a bit modern. I need to create a fireplace or two… all very nice to think about and do.
I also hope to make my own dolls and am looking forward to creating 1920’s clothes and hairstyles once the actual modelling is done.
So, not much to report but I can show you what I have done so far…
It will measure about 6″ x 8″ so it’s going to take a little while!
Thanks for reading this very short edition,

back soon
love Rosie

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Travelling clothes….

This week I have made two whole outfits…including hats! Of course they are quite small….the outfits in question are for the dollshouse figures Mr and Mrs Littleton.
Mrs Littleton had been feeling a little dowdy in her latest clothes
– she felt that she was still in the Victorian era when, as it’s now 1908 she is well and truly an Edwardian… her new clothes for the upcoming trip to Italy are much more the thing….


I started with the skirt – it’s an old sleeve, then the bodice and then the sleeves…


I wrapped a piece of lace over her shoulders and stitched the bodice and sleeves to it

Here’s her new outfit

Mr Littleton had only ever had a change of waistcoat, I wasn’t sure about making trousers but I used his old ones for a pattern and when struggling with his lapels, I remembered that apart from here I would only ever show him in black and white so I cheated and used felt.

Mrs Littleton’s hat was just a brim cut from felt and then the top was felt which I moulded with my thumb to the shape of her head, then whilst she was moulding it to her head I painted it with PVA glue and stuck the flowers on.

Mr Littleton’s wasn’t so easy as there were no flowers to cover it… so I cut the brim again, then the top of the hat was soaked in PVA and moulded to his head, then I ran my nail over and over until I had the nice ridge in the top… once dry I added the band of darker felt.

They are very happy with their new look, you can follow their story here.
Thanks for reading
back soon,
love Rosie

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Subtle decoration….

I do find it difficult to leave anything alone and my husband has been heard to say a few times over the years “Please don’t paint or stick anything on that…..”. well really, I mean I don’t have to decorate anything, but some things are just crying out for a little addition…
So whilst helping my mother-in-law to sort out her things I came across these little pot vases, I tried to sell them as they were but to no avail so before sending them off to a charity shop I decided to paint a little something on them…

I dithered for a while and then started ‘dotting’ little dots of paint on and those dots turned into flowers. This style of painting is an extremely simple mimic of the Aboriginal Style.
I used acrylic paint and when dry I gave the vases a coat of clear varnish.
The act of varnishing has disturbed the dots but I still quite like these ‘subtly’ decorated little vases…

and now for the blue one…

So, they are done, I might see if anyone buys them but if not then I think they will look nice with a few little flowers in them. P1040993
Thanks for looking,
back soon.
love Rosie

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A block for my granny squares….

As I’m sure you’re aware if you follow this blog, I am a fan of crocheting. I find it very relaxing to do and like that you can take it anywhere.
I had been making some simple little granny squares, in the car on long journeys to keep me awake and in front of the TV to stop me snacking (and keep me awake)!

Once I finished up my wool I decided to do one more round with another colour and to do this around all the squares I had so far completed.

Sadly I ran out of that one colour so it’s now two! Note to self – keep the paper wrapping, it makes getting another ball of wool to match oh so much easier!
Loveknitting tried to help me but sadly I have had to admit defeat.

As there were quite a few I thought I’d look into getting a former or block shaper to keep them nice and uniform.
My husband offered to make me one and here it is!

He said I should give it a coat of varnish, I was about to when I thought it might be fun to decorate it first…

It is a scrap of wood – hence the slight marks … I decided they added rustic charm… So the first thing I did was to start doodling rosebuds and just carried on.

I added loopy stems and leaves and then started to colour them in…

I coloured in the leaves in two shades of green and once finished I added a coat of this varnish which dries very quickly…

and now it’s almost full, unfortunately my next project has larger squares so I may have to get that peg board after all (don’t tell!)
Thanks for reading
back soon,
love Rosie




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The little box is done…

The project of upcycling the little wooden box which I started last week is finished.
I hummed and hahhed for ages trying to decide what I wanted to do on the top, after taking off the original paper picture.

But finally I decided to draw into the wood with an empty ball point pen, this pen has a very hard nib and proved a useful tool for embossing on the wood.

I kept the design extremely simple.
P1040927Once I was happy I got out the wood stain and gave it a good soaking…. after a few hours I patted off the excess.
Left it over night to properly dry and then gave it a coat of varnish.

I rather like it now – because the designed has been embossed into the wood it has a texture as well as the image of the design.

Think this one to keep!

Thanks for reading,
back next week


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Work in progress…

I’ve got such a lot of things to do at the moment that my hobby of making, drawing and crafting is taking a back seat.
But I have been doing a few bits and bobs, a little granny square crochet whilst watching TV and last Sunday I started doing a little work on a small box, it’s not finished but here’s what I’ve done so far…
I’ve been assisting in sorting out my mother-in-law’s home and have found a few interesting things, this little box seemed to be crying out for a little upcycle . It had a picture of an Isle of Man coast and a weird green lily of the valley or something kind of splodged over it, so I rubbed it down with fine sandpaper and the design revealed itself to be just a piece of paper, not the pyrography I had first thought.

So once I had it nice and smooth I started to think about what I wanted to do, I am doing quite a bit of research about Art Deco at the moment (new project to come soon!) and think I will do something on that theme…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, as you can see the slide show above, I pressed the indent and then stained the whole thing, I know it’s only scratch cover but that is what I found in the cupboard under the sink…now it’s time to think what else I am going to do….I’ll show you soon.P1040925Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week.
Love, Rosie


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A friend has requested another name banner – and this time all featuring Beatrix Potter characters. It’s been an absolute joy to study and, yes, copy her fine drawings around the 7 letters of a name.
Beatrix Potter is once again extremely popular with the launch of the feature film of Peter Rabbit but she has never not been popular with children, ever since her darling little tales were made into books.
But do you know anything about Beatrix? The film starring Renee Zellweger told her story – albeit in Hollywood style.
Her drawings are not just adorable but she is admired and studied by people who know that her work on botany and nature studies are excellent.
Her speciality being fungi…
“… before publishing The Tale of Peter Rabbit in 1902, the British writer and illustrator was interested in a range of scientific disciplines. The field that attracted her interest the most was mycology – the study of fungi.
For at least a decade, Potter painted hundreds of detailed, accurate images of mushrooms. She studied them under a microscope to investigate how they reproduced and wrote a paper on germinating fungal spores that was presented at the prestigious Linnean Society of London.
In recent years, this lesser-known side of Potter’s life has caused controversy. Historians, writers and scientists have interpreted her surviving letters and journal in very different ways. Some have suggested that she was a pioneering scientist whose contributions were suppressed by the patriarchal Victorian scientific establishment.
She showed her work and findings to William Thistleton-Dyer – the director of Kew – who it appears was not overly impressed . t is worth noting that although Potter was keen on studying fungi, there is no evidence she wanted to earn a living as a scientist. Her journal suggests she was motivated more by seeking something to occupy her intelligence and curiosity, make a little money and assert her independence – all at a time when most avenues for women were barred.
In that, of course, she succeeded: The Tale of Peter Rabbit alone has been translated into more than 45 languages and sold 45 million copies. More than 250 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide.
“Beatrix Potter was an intelligent woman who was bored and wanted something to do that would keep her busy and earn her a little money,” Lear said. “I don’t think she had any ambition to be a mycologist. She’s already been successful in selling some of her art work and when the research paper she wrote needed more work, she lost interest in favour of something that was more suited to what she was after.”
If you’d like to read the above in it’s full article form follow this link

Whatever the experts think, I love her drawings and stories. I have just spent the most enjoyable couple of days doing these…

So A is featuring Peter Rabbit, I decided to keep the letters uniform so I have written words from the story inside the letters – The Tale of Peter Rabbit in this one of course in a fine green felt pen and then coloured over with a green crayon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The lovely Mrs Tiggy-Winkle for the B

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Squirrel Nutkin came next….

Now for Jemima with the sandy whiskered gentleman nearby…. oh dear

Pigling Bland – how dapper

Another A and this time its The Tailor of Gloucester…

The final letter and my favourite – it’s Mr. Jeremy Fisher – I really enjoyed copying him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once I’m happy with the drawings I will attach them to a ribbon and they will make a nice big name banner (each drawing is A4 size). I use Uni Pin drawing pens and  water soluble crayons which I did not wet.
I find the colours are more vibrant than ordinary colouring pencils.

This is not for sale.

Thanks for reading,
back next week





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