Dollhouse Chocolate Box…

The story line in my dollhouse Instagram has recently lead to a trip to Paris, France.
Of course whenever you take a trip it’s traditional to bring a gift back to loved ones and young Victoria has done just that.

I decided to make a little box of chocolates… my husband has been doing some repairs to our bathroom and I noticed these little plastic screw cap cups, I requested a couple and this is how I turned this simple little item into a fancy box of chocs…

First of all I covered the whole thing in gold with a permanent gold marker.

I lined the bottom with a little washi tape 
I then used these little stick on domes, they are sold in craft stores. I used the brown and cream colours only.
I add a drop of UHU glue and then allow to dry.

I then turn to the next little cup and close it before covering the whole thing in the gold marker pen.
Once dry a little piece of wire, teeny bit of green floral tape and a rolled up piece of foam to make a rose are glued on to the top.


Finally I gift wrapped a bit of rolled paper in washi tape with a little ribbon around it and a teeny bit of paper as a gift tag and added more glue again to keep everything in place. P1060277

That’s it, all done and here is The Littleton Family together again…

Thanks for reading,

back soon, love Rosie


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Cushion cover design…

I’m a great fan of IKEA, I appreciate that so many of our homes can look pretty familiar with those bookcases but you can easily put your own stamp on so many of their products.

I’ve blogged about many of my adaptions to their furniture and I’m sure I’ve blogged about the cushion covers, but they are sooo good!
Well made, easy to paint and/or applique onto, I usually buy a few when I visit; to have them ready for personalised gifts.

A friend was going to be celebrating a big birthday so I was keen to start a new project.
This cushion cover is in a very pale pink.
I used fabric pens to draw the shape of blossom petals in a bright pink!


I used Sharpie fabric pens

I used the brush of the nib to flick the pink to give the flowers colour without fully colouring it in.

Then used a brown to draw the branch. A bit of yellow/brown for the little leaves and the inside of the branch and that was it!
Once happy I pressed with a warm iron.
Then I found some embroidery silk and just added a few satin stitches to the petals, this gave the cushion cover a lovely texture. Some brown French knots to the centres and that was it. (I don’t really like doing them, so didn’t do too many!)

I actually added the persons name to the cushion with the fabric pens and chain stitch (which is my favourite embroidery stitch) but I forgot to take any pictures. Sorry.

Thanks for reading,
back soon
love Rosie

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Renovated drawers…

As you may have spotted if you saw my blog on Marianne North recently, I felt the need to re-do my pen drawers after the chest of drawers were done.
These drawers were bought in IKEA a long time ago – they are so well made. They still do similar ones but they are not quite so robust as these were. 2016-01-03 10.10.04
I have painted and stuck different papers on them over the years, the drawers have been turned around and different drawer pulls affixed so some have holes drilled in them!
I was good this time and completely sanded the drawers and unit.

I had considered using the Marianne North papers but I had this book of butterfly pictures to use. This ‘book’ is stated to be used as pictures and the pages are perforated ready to tear out. No books were harmed in this procedure.

So I sanded away the old covering, and stuck on the new.
I coloured in the edges with a Pentel Gold Paint Marker (almost my most favourite thing in the world) and splashed out on some metal labels.
I used tape behind the label and wrote the type of pen/pencils/ballpoints/drawing pens/watercolour pencils/Sharpies/felt pens etc etc… I have quite a collection!

Well that’s it, they are done. p1050878.jpg
Back soon,
love Rosie

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A plaster plaque…

I recently spent a day at Ironbridge Victorian Town Blists Hill, in Telford Shropshire. My husband loves all things engineering related  and sometimes I struggle with a day looking at engines, but at Blists Hill I found so so much to interest me. If you get the chance to visit it I would heartily recommend it!

Just before we left the museum I popped in a shop selling plaster moulded items and for £2.50 purchased this plaque.
When home I started to paint it and I’m pretty pleased with the results… what do you think?


Got it home in one piece … now to  paint!

I decided to use acrylic paints and squirted out some blue, yellow and white; with a tiny smear of purple.
I love mixing paint – it’s almost magical. The main thing to remember is to make enough, it’s always tricky to make the same colour again if you need to. I didn’t have to worry though, leaves look so much better when you use various greens, so I just started and added more yellow to make a light green and more blue to make it darker and richer…

Once all the leaves were done, I let it dry. It doesn’t take long for paint to dry on plaster and I was doing this on the hottest day in England since records began!
Now for the flower, as the leaves were dark I decided to do a light flower… I made a very pale blue – the petals are white really …

So, that’s it.. I gave it a few coats of quick drying varnish and hung it on the front door… it may find a new home but for now that’s where it’s stayed!


You can see where I added the small brush strokes of purple around the centre, just need to varnish now 

and here it is on the door…

Thanks for reading, back next week.
Love Rosie

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My name is Rosie and I have too much stuff…

there, that’s my confession.
The thing is I like too many things, I love books and own a great deal. Novels I have loved and can’t bare to lose and non-fiction about all my interests. Every time I find a new interest I obtain a few books on the matter…. recent additions to my shelves concern crochet (plus a whole drawer now dedicated to wool!) and dollhouses and the making of items and dolls, I’ve only got a few books so far but there are so many out there!

The other day I left work early and promised myself a good ‘sort’ out of my dollhouse ‘stuff’ and passed a very happy time sorting and tidying. The best thing about going through your collections means you ‘find’ forgotten items!

I have cupboards full of fabric and craft items, paints and papers, embroidery silks and fabric pens and paint, shall I go on?    I usually find a ‘sort out’  inspires me to make something.

So, unless you’re incredibly tidy, why not go through your cupboards and drawers? You may find things you don’t need, want or use anymore – pass them on!
Give to a charity shop, do a boot sale or sell online and make some money to buy some more…. ?

So here’s a few pictures of my lovely tidy drawers holding all the dollhouse paraphernalia, I need lots of items as I tell a little story on Instagram, but it may be time to sell a few bits and maybe if I get enough; I will be able to buy some more items to use in my story.


meat in the little tray and a good selection of veg! all made with polymer or DAS clay


some handmade bits and some brought, the oysters were a prize!


Again some handmade – the hot cross buns, sandwiches and loaves, alongside some purchased items


cutlery, china and silverware, a mincer and napkins


furniture, paper items and Christmas decorations


Dolls and clothing, a tub of toys and the pins are for temporary fixing for photos

thanks for looking, happy tidying!
I have written about some of my makes for the dollhouse, such as the hot cross buns; the veggies; the policeman and many more articles about their house and clothes…
back soon, love Rosie


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Jute bags…

Many years ago when I worked in an Arts & Crafts shop I gave my mother -in-law a cross-stitch kit for Christmas and now, whilst helping her sort through her belongings, we have come across a scrapbook full of cross-stitch works, I obviously started her off on an interest for a while.

Her work is neat and as we are endeavouring to raise some funds to aid her care needs I tried to sell them as they were, if you’ve ever tried this craft you’ll appreciate the time it takes, there are hours and hours of careful stitching in each one.
I thought about framing them but then there’s added weight and the worry about glass… and so I thought I would add them to jute shopping bags.
We are all doing our bit to stop the single use of plastic carrier bags aren’t we, well these bags will certainly last and I hope you agree they look pretty good too.

Here’s what I did …

I did the same thing with all the others – they all have different wordings of course…here’s a selection, the ‘Nan’s’ shopper was added with a chained wool – too fiddly to repeat!

I’m selling them in my ETSY shop.
thanks for reading,
back soon


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Granny Squares….

Once you get to grips with crochet your life changes…. in a good way but it can get quite obsessive, it’s ideal for taking on journeys and if you do take it out & about you need a little bag! (no plastic bags here!)
I recently bought these little balls yarn of yarn from Flying Tiger for only £1 each . Well, obviously I should have bought more because the colours are lovely! (you may notice that the colours I have used are not shown here, afraid I didn’t think to take a pic in my excitement to get started).
I was having a lovely day with my daughter who was also learning crochet and as we were chatting whilst crocheting I felt I needed to do something I could (almost) do without looking or thinking.
So I started granny squares with one row per shade of colour.
(I’ve attached a YouTube link, if you don’t like this tutorial just click on another – there are millions to chose from and some are much easier to follow than others)
I liked the look of my squares but the lovely yarn wasn’t going to make a bedspread, and so I decided to sew four together, create an envelope and use to carry my latest project around.

I lined the ‘bag’ with felt to prevent my hook and mini scissors falling through the gaps.
Here’s how I made this little make…


This is the four squares sewn together and folded in.


I lined with felt and attached a button, the corner loop becomes the buttonhole.

Thanks for reading,
back soon,
love Rosie

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