Another Mandala … I can’t stop…

It’s been a time for reflection and not messing up the whole house with my makes so I’ve been keeping to crochet and have completed another Mandala.
This one is hanging in my bathroom.

Using the pattern set out by Emma Leith but keeping to a sparkly white yarn I quite like the snowflake effect.

I had to add the green as I ran out of the white. But the green is also sparkly.

The metal ring is strong and could take the stretching as I attached my crochet to it.

I added a loop and voila it’s done. 5

Back to my Christmas baskets which are my current project.
love Rosie

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Simply crochet….


This week I got to finish my mandala which I started a few weeks ago, it’s from a book called ‘mindful crochet’ by Emma Leith.

I didn’t use the instructions as to the colours, just grabbed what I had.
I used a metal 30cm white ring rather than the inside of an embroidery hoop so, in that great tradition of not quite doing as one is instructed, here’s my interpretation…
I like it and have made a little film of it in the garden.
The idea of this pattern is that it has been specially designed to incorporate elements of mindfulness practice, including concentration, repetition and creativity.

The benefits? well mindfulness can reduce stress and improve wellbeing. Whilst developing your creativity and sharing your creations with others can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

This takes a little thought at the start of each row and then once you’ve ‘got it’ it’s an absorbing task to go around the circle.

Back soon,
love Rosie


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New dress…

Another busy week so I haven’t done much but the other evening I thought I’d make a little dress 1/1250 scale, in a 1920’s style.

I used a thin felt fabric – no fraying so no need to hem all the edges!
I cut the basic shape using a tutorial by Mary Williams Dollshouse Dolls 

P1060468I’ve been so lucky and have been gifted lots of bits and bobs lately. This elasticated blue lace was in one of the bags and I thought would suit this project.


Checking the length


hand stitched down the sides and turned


sewing on a row of lace


adding another row


all done, pearl stick on gems at neckline

I have hand-sewn as it’s so small, I do need to make a whole wardrobe for this doll so may be using a sewing machine sometime.

She seems quite happy! 1

Thanks for reading,
back next week, love Rosie


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Bedside cabinet….

Back in 2017 I told you about my bedside cabinet – a charity shop purchase and upcycling project. Well it’s been like that for over two years now so time for a change.
Having plenty of the English Rose Chalk Paint left over I decided to have a go with those transfers again.
So I painted the whole thing and once dry added some of the blossom decal transfers...

I’m quite pleased with it but still have some transfers left. Could I put them on the bedroom wall?
One day maybe,

anyway for now that’s it.
Thanks for reading

back soon
Love Rosie

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All change….

The other day I had a late start and began the day with a cuppa …whilst sitting up and sipping my tea in bed, I decided that the IKEA  chest of drawers in that room needed a change.

I decided to paint it with chalk paint, I chose English Rose colour and I painted with a sponge over the transfers

and when I removed the transfers rather liked the effect.
Then I foolishly decided to edge the transfer extent in a gold pen and after doing a couple of drawers decided I hated it.

So then I decided to remove the paint and the marker and re-sponge the paint over. Yes that was a horrid job and yes I was very cross with myself.

I purchased some more transfers, this time in a very pretty blossom pattern…

1-2-e1572375018986.png I think I like it – what do you think?

—————————————————a few days later————————————————–

Nah… It looks silly – I thought I could start it at the edge or paint it in… but no I don’t like it.

So I came home nice and early and sponged over the whole area with a little white acrylic to break it up and then over again with the English Rose and that is it.

I’ve just got to wax it and leave it in this retro 1980s style.11

So I still have the transfers to use….mmm
Thanks for reading,
back soon
love Rosie

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Eat your greens…

So do we all have sprouts with our Christmas dinner whether we like them or not?
Of course! The plate would just not look right without them…

Following a friend at work’s amazing pompom sprout making I decided to do a crochet version.

I found a simple circle pattern, chain 6 make a circle, then 2 chain, 11 htc and ss. Next row 2 htc in first stitch and 1 in the next – repeat all the way around and the same in the next row.

That seems to make a decent size for Sprout bunting!
Once I’ve made 9 sprouts I chain a string with 20 chains between each sprout.
Then the fun begins….

I got some wobbly eyes from The Works and Poundland (which are from Crayola) and Flying Tiger, all good and easily fixed with some UHU glue. The mouth is a squirt of gel paint from Hobbycraft.
Then to decorate, I made little red Christmas hats from felt and stuck them on with added glitter but you could add a little bunch of holly or whatever you fancied.

I rather think these look like they’ve been on the sherry and I am selling them as ‘Tipsy Sprouts’.

Once everything is dry I parcel them up and they will be heading off to my Etsy shop or being given out as gifts – depending on whether I sell any or not!

Thanks for reading
back soon


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What I did with some oddments of fabric….

There’s little I like more than a nice big table of oddments of fabric outside a shop and I have purchased quite a collection…
We had a proper treasure chest style trunk in our home – we found it in the attic of our first house and have used it for papers, toys, shoes etc etc over the years, it’s old and a bit bashed but I love it.
However we recently helped to sort out my mother-in-laws belongings and my husband brought her hallway chest home, luckily I have a bit more room in this house so my old chest has been relegated and we are using this one.
It’s great for storing our walking boots.
The cupboard next to it is next for relegation as I’m having a wooden chair there for a while.

I walk past an upholsterers everyday and last week decided to pop in and purchase a piece of foam.
Then I had a fun time of choosing the fabric. I didn’t have enough of anything to cover the whole thing so it’s now double sided!

The cushion (which will go on the chair) is made up of the left over fabrics so will co-ordinate with either side.

I’ve left one end open with Velcro fastening for easy removal for change or cleaning and I’m going make some more covers sometime, I do like to have a change now and again…My daughter suggested using Christmas fabric – now I do have some of that… just need to find it, looks like the crafty storage cupboard needs another sort out!

I found a button to add to the cushion and then made some simple tassels and voila it’s done.. can’t wait to get that chair in now! 2-1.png

Thanks for reading,
back soon
love Rosie

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