Is it ok to copy…?

I’ve always copied…from the early days of comic book characters to Disney, E H Shepard’s wonderful illustrations –  I could go on forever so I’ll stop now…

Copying is a really good way to learn to draw.

So, whilst looking for a picture to put in my bathroom clip frame for a while, I found this… it’s a copy of the cover illustration of one of my favourite author’s novels.
An Imaginative Experience by Mary Wesley, with the artwork on the covers by Sue Moxley.

mary wesley

If you haven’t read any of Mary Wesley, you should! Her biography is also fascinating, she started writing novels in later years and her life story makes interesting reading.

I love graphic art, used on record sleeves and book jackets, it can make your decision whether to buy or not.

So, this picture is a complete copy, I enlarged it by eye and as it was just for my own enjoyment I didn’t really care too much how precisely I copied, I just liked it.
Also I never actually intended to show my interpretation and the fantastic original in quite such close proximity!animaginativeexperience 1
Feel free to let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading,
back soon

The original picture is shown here by:- By Source, Fair use,

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A thank you for having me gift….

At Christmas time so many of us descend on others for a day of feasting and my husband and I went for Boxing Day to my sister’s.
I love a day with family and with mine that usually includes playing games and our Boxing day visit this year was no exception. (The game this year was Pass the biscuits) it’s really good fun!

As you know, if you regularly read my blogs I’m a keen crochet-er and like to find something simple to crochet whilst watching TV or travelling around, hospital visiting etc…

I found the instructions on YouTube for this simple little circle. (I would add a link but I can’t find the actual one I used now – it’s simply 18 treble crochet though, so if you crochet that’s simple and if you don’t, well you probably don’t need to know!)

At first I started joining as I went; using alternate red and white but then ran out of red and couldn’t find the exact match in my local shop.
So I took it apart and started making the circles in red, white and green finally joining them all at the end of my wool. (This saved cutting off all the ends as they were used to stitch each circle to the next).

My sister may be the Queen of Christmas – her whole house is transformed and so I thought she could cope with a Christmas throw…
She was very polite on opening it and here it is in situ:-

Thanks for reading – happy new year for 2019

love Rosie


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A little decoration…

Feeling a bit under the weather I decided to stick a few buttons and beads on a polystyrene bell…
I chose only red and green and white buttons and used some lovely pearl beads given to me by my friend and neighbour. The gold filigree on the base was also from her.
I used seed beads to prevent the pins going right through the holes in the buttons.

I pinned until the bell was totally covered, pinned a little wool for a hook and that was that…1
I’ve pinned it to the front door for now…
Thanks for reading, back soon

love Rosie

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What to use this fabric for…

My friend of many many years recently gave me a lot of fabric – all of exceptional quality. But this fabric…well I couldn’t think what to do with. When my husband needed a cover for a machine in his shed I considered using it. When I informed my sister of this sacrilege she soon put me right and suggested all sorts of things this lovely fabric could be used for.
So here it is, a simple tote bag with pockets. I will be using it to hold some dough-nuts (and tea!) as a little birthday gift for someone soon.


I cut out 2 rectangles of fabric and  added a patch pocket to the right side of one and the inside of the other, then sewed it up to a tote bag kind of shape. I do like a pocket!

I actually made it a little wide so I gathered in the top a little at the sides so that the top is less wide open but the bag is plenty roomy enough to cope with all those cakes.

I sewed a couple of strips of fabric to make the shoulder straps and stitched them well and truly to the top of the bag and that’s it! (Thanks sis, it was a good idea).

Can now see that maybe I should have lined up the pockets! Too late now though…1
I also hemmed up four squares to make napkins and still have some left over, think this would be great for applique – maybe with a little embroidery added? Watch this space…

Thanks for reading

back soon


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It’s December and time to…

Hang up the bunting!
With my love of crochet and needing a little project to do whilst visiting a relative in hospital (well reading would be rude and there’s only so long a one way conversation can keep going), I decided to look at YouTube for some inspiration.

I’m in the early days of crocheting and find watching someone is way easier than following a pattern, once I’ve memorised it I do try and write a sort of pattern myself- hopefully I will soon use the same abbreviations as the professionals ….

So I searched for Christmas ideas and up popped this lovely little tree.
I watched the video first and then got started.

Once I’d made ten I stitched them to some velvet ribbon.
Added a little Christmas Sparkle with a blob of glitter glue and it’s done,

I’ve put it on my Etsy shop but won’t be too sad if it doesn’t sell …
Thanks for reading,
Back next week
Love Rosie

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A plain box no more…

Recently, my mum offered me some drawing paper, canvases and a portable easel, all items a friend of hers was passing on. Needless to say I said ‘yes please!’.

So, one day I was looking at the box which is the easel and decided that it was just asking to be decorated.
Without much thought, I must confess, I picked up the box and my drawing pen and started to doodle.
As is often the way with me, I started to draw flowers. I kept going until I had covered the top with these flowers …


Once I’d covered the whole thing I started to add a little colour…


You can just see, in the last picture above I added some greenery, this was done with a little bit of sponged green around the edges …       13

and that’s it, I quite like it now and it is now just sitting and waiting to be taken out for some painting soon.

Thanks for reading,
Back soon
love Rosie


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Wooden Brooches…

Whilst sorting out my drawers and cupboards which contain all my crafty bits and bobs I came across these birds and owls.
I had bought the owls for a photo-shoot of craft makes for a magazine article, sadly although my article was taken, the magazine went out of print before it was published …. Oh well, I will keep going!
So I decided that the birds, already coloured would look nice with a little gold marker around the edge of the birds and with a fine gold pen a nice little intricate pattern drawn over the entire surface.

Once dry I glued on a brooch back and voila it’s done, I really liked these so I have packaged them for sale in my Etsy shop.        24     25

The owls were similarly decorated though as these came uncoloured, I coloured them in before decorating with the gold pens again.

I really love these gold pens and markers, they write on anything, are permanent and just give a really nice finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for reading,

love Rosie

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