Personalised embroidered gift bag…

If you saw my previous post about a set of crockery given as a gift you will know that I created this little gift bag for transportation of said gift.
I picked up the little bag at an event recently and thought it the perfect size. I decided to decorate it with some embroidery I had been doing and whilst attaching the embroidered fabric to the bag I realised it could be personalised  with the gift recipients initial.
Here’s what I did:-

img_0232.jpg I put this lovely flowery fabric in my embroidery hoop and pulled the fabric taught.
Then chose a bright red embroidery silk and started to colour in the flowers….

BE504697-4C69-4CB8-8BBF-C807BC454EF2    IMG_0242 and just kept on going

I did add a bit of green silk on some stems and flowers.

Once I had finished the circle I cut it out and stitched it to the bag, I then blanket stitched all around the edge. 3

Once I was happy I turned to the other side and cut a letter J from the remainder of the fabric and stitched that on too, with blanket stitch around the edge again, Gift bag embroidered

That was it – have a look at the canvas bags you have accumulated and see if you can upcycle! Or just  make your own bags – which will make the decorating so much easier! It is a bit of a pain having to get inside the bag.

thanks for reading
back soon, Love Rosie


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Bathroom word search….

Our family, like so many others, love playing Scrabble and I’ve been guilty of making those greetings cards using stick on scrabble letters from The Works. The most recent being an 80th birthday card – you’re only 13 in scrabble!
If you’ve followed my blog you may remember that I have a clip frame in my bathroom and while tidying up my stuff I came across these letters and decided to use them for a new bathroom picture.
I started laying them out in a pattern often used in bathrooms
(check out Pinterest)   222222
but then decided that a word search puzzle would be fun and so I carried on..
22.pngI removed the little sticky pads on the back of each letter and used UHU glue so they didn’t stick out too much in my frame.
Here it is done and right at the bottom of the page is the answer of the wordsearch!2.png and in situ 4.png (in the answer below, those eagle eyed of you may notice I added another line, I decided the gap in the above picture was too big)

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon,
love Rosie


The hidden words

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A gift…

A friend recently celebrated a big birthday, I haven’t known her for very long so asked for inspiration from her daughter and was advised that she likes cycling and cats. Now although I have drawn a cat on a cat shaped box I’m not the greatest cat lover.

Also, unfortunately I’m not that keen on bikes as when I was young I had a bit of rough time following a fall from a bicycle!

But this is not all about me… so I decided to go with bikes… (although I could have combined them really – there’s a lot of cats on and with bicycles on the web!)

I found this design on Pinterest though and decided to copy it on my gift…
Here’s what I did…

I also decorated a napkin in the same style.
The crockery was baked in accordance with the porcelain pen’s instructions and the napkin was pressed with an iron to fix.

I managed to get a lovely bicycle pendant from Etsy to complete the gift.

That was the gift finished, it seemed to go down well.
I also decorated a cloth bag for transporting the gift, I’ll show you what I did soon.
Thanks for reading, back soon


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‘ello…’ello…’ello what’s all this then?

Well, what a week it’s been, there’s been a terrible disturbance in the Littleton house and it’s been confirmed that they have been burgled…

This all came about after a few friends gently hinted that my story line is a bit tame and that a little excitement was needed.

So yesterday the family arrived home to find their much loved home in complete disarray… time to call the police!

Well, that’s all very well but, I have to make or buy the things required for these stories. Luckily I’ve joined lots of Facebook dedicated groups and have found a good source of buying new items. Plus I love it!

A new ‘man’ was ordered, and then on Wednesday I came home from work nice and early and found him on the doormat, so this is what I did on that afternoon… I was looking up the origins of saying ‘ello three times which, lead me to Punch & Judy – I decided to name my new Constable Powell after Martin Powell, the puppeteer is born “ello…ello…ello

Here’s the new chap – dressed in civvies… He looks so smart, I almost feel bad that I have to change him…1

But change him I did, so, first of all his glued on hat and fancy coat were removed. I cut the glue off his head and his hair seems to have survived.


23.png   3 Then I found a little coat I already had and trimmed it to make a jacket length, stitched it snuggly around him and sewed on the brass coloured bead buttons. Which I took off his original coat.


I tried to copy the Met Police uniform of around the 1900’s, the belt was next with the fancy buckle…



So that’s him dressed….but wait he needs his truncheon 12 it’s a plastic needle wrapped in felt with cotton thread wrapped around the top for the ‘grip’ area.

He needs a helmet!
I’ve used a lid from Olbas Oil and followed a YouTube clip on how the actual helmets are made! (it’s less than 5 mins long and absolutely fascinating!)


A fair amount of artistic licence has been taken, but he is quite small and will only be seen in black and white by my Instagram followers.
So here he is, PC Powell, pretty handsome guy, lets hope he’s good at his job and will be able to help the poor distraught Littleton Family, and their pretty maid!
21If you want to follow the Littleton’s story please do! You don’t need to have an account with Instagram to look (although you do if you wish to comment on it)
Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week

love, Rosie

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A new hat…

I recently purchased some lovely feathers (from Hobbycraft) and decided that my dolls house character Mrs Littleton really needed a new hat!
So I assembled some felt into a hat shape, stitched the domed bit to a flat piece of felt with a hole cut in the middle. The stitching is in white cotton so you can see, it’s all going to be hidden so there’s no problem with it being white
and then I started sticking on the feathers!


Mrs Littleton added her little butterfly and diamanté brooch and that was that.

She then went out with her sister to Hampton Court and rather stole the show … that hat

Thanks for reading, if you want to see more of the Littleton family you can follow their life story here.

Back soon,   Rosie

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Cushion Love …

IMG_1106After catching the quilting bug a very good friend gave me some totally gorgeous fabric., to feed my habit. I recently had a day off work and after the initial plans for the day went awry I decided to use my time wisely and after a little housework; I got my sewing machine out and had a lovely day sewing bunting, did a little crochet and contemplated what else I could make. I had a flash of inspiration and found all the new fabric and some bonding fabric and this is what I did….
I have bought quite a few of these readymade cushion covers, the fabric is great, the zips are neat and I really can’t see any benefit in making my own. I suppose the decorating would be easier before the cushion is made up, but that’s ok.
So on a sheet of A3 card I drew a heart freehand. I drew lines across it to divide into 8 pieces, numbered and then cut out these pieces. IMG_1106
I drew around them on the bonding fabric, cut out roughly and ironed them onto my chosen fabrics.
Cut them out neatly and pressed with the iron onto my cushion, leaving a gap between the pieces.


I then handstitched around each piece in blanket stitch using co-ordinating embroidery silk

and that’s my cushion done…

I’ve since done another heart and have one more ready to stitch…

I’m selling these in my Etsy shop. IMG_1182

Thanks for looking, back soon

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Crocheted yellow flowers…

Well, I have gone seriously over the top with crocheting flowers, but it’s so therapeutic and I find that travelling to work and home again, listening to a story on my phone and making a few flowers or leaves is bliss…

And so, I found that I had made lots of these yellow flowers.
I had visited IKEA with my sister and bought some of these really nice cushion covers, perfectly plain and just asking to be decorated.

I decided to add a little fabric paint as a base    Cushion with posy of crochet flowers.png  and then started to pile up the yellow flowers, I stuck them with PVA glue so they stayed in place and then stitched them so they will be secure.

I then added a few leaves which I chained a stem to.

And finally, after much deliberation and asking for advice on colour…. I stitched a range of purple buttons in the centres of 19 of the flowers (there are actually over 30 flowers on the cushion).

And that is it, finished and it is for sale in my ETSY shop..


Thanks for reading, back next week


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