Yoga mat bag…

My daughter asked me ages ago to make her a bag for her yoga mat, I have to confess I misheard and thought she wanted me to make her a mat.  Doh…

Anyway I finally got around to it and this is what I did…

I had been given these two lovely fabrics by a friend and they are very nice to work with.

I cut the material to fit the rolled up mat,  using the two colours.
Stitched in the handle and the circular base, added a drawstring with brass rings to stop the cord going back in !

and it was done. 12

Its a really quick make and as it shown here –
fits and helps store the mat neatly! 13

Thanks for reading, see you next week


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Applique cushion with vintage fabric….

Firstly folks I have to confess that this is not actually vintage fabric but lovely new fabric in a vintage style.
My friend of … eek… a lot of years, kindly gave me some of her beautiful fabric.
She’s a skilled patch worker and although I am keen to try more of that too, I do love applique, and whilst folding and tidying my fabric stash I decided to use some of it.

I have many of these cushion covers which I bought in IKEA. I do love to make things in their entirety but really, these are well made, the zip is concealed and it doesn’t seem worth doing that bit myself when the decorating is the fun part!

So on a nice warm afternoon I fixed some of the reds and greens to some Bondaweb and then started cutting out the leaves and the petals.

Once I had some of various sizes I started to lay them in place, leaves first then the largest petals, removing the paper backing and pressing them in place with a warm iron. Finishing up with the smallest petals and leaving a hole in the middle.

Then I took myself into the garden and started blanket stitching with embroidery silk around the raw edges of every petal and leaf, whilst listening to a play on the radio and enjoying a coffee… bliss.
(OK there was quite a lot of hand sewing around all those petals so it wasn’t done in one session… I had quite a few sessions – mostly in the garden though, it’s been a lovely long hot summer in England!)

Once I had the petals and leaves in place and stitched I started on the centre. I had some of the same type of fabric in a pale yellow and cut it into little strips, these I folded over and stitched so the edges were all folded in, then I looped three of them and stitched in place and rolled the fourth and made it the centre.

I’m not sure what flower it is meant to be but I like it.
My daughter says it’s Christmassy, too Christmassy for everyday?
So now the decision – do I keep or put on Etsy…

Thanks for reading
Back soon



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Sunflower cushion…

A lovely friend recently celebrated her half century and I decided to make a gift. As I’m enjoying decorating cushion covers at the moment I decided to do one for her.

I was advised that her favourite flower is the sunflower and got started…

First I drew the basic shape in pencil, a large head almost filling the cushion front.
I painted the petals in fabric paint and added a couple of yellow bees too.
I allowed the paint to dry for 24 hours and then pressed with a warm iron to ‘fix’ it.



I then embroidered around the edges of the petals to add a nice texture to the cushion and clearly define the petals.

The centre is 15cm in diameter so I cut a piece of yellow felt, I then added a little ‘felting’ to add texture and then started on the mammoth task of sewing seed beads on, three at a time.
It took ages and half way through I cursed myself for starting ….but I kept on and when I had completed it, I was really happy with it. The beads add a nice texture to the cushion.


I stitched the centre in place and then went all around the circle with a blanket stitch in embroidery silk.
Then I completed the bees with black embroidery silk.


It’s already with the birthday girl and hopefully a comfy addition to her sofa.

Thanks for reading, back soon,
Love Rosie

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Free fabric…

On a recent journey home from work I had a few minutes to spare right by a fabric store, it would have been churlish not to take a look, right?
They had a few books of sample fabrics, they were rather huge and much as I wanted to take these books – oh I forgot to say… they were free!!!! they were really too heavy.
Just as I was about to walk away, disappointed,  I spotted some little books, one with real silk fabric and one with a synthetic silk, yippee!
I grabbed them quickly and got my bus home.

When I came to use them I chose the real silk one and cut away the fabric stuck to paper – kept it though, must come in handy for something…
I selected all the beige and mushroom colours and sewed them together in their squares, rather handily they fitted together rather well in a cushion size.


I then carefully ironed some reds and oranges and golds and greens to some Bondaweb.  I then drew some flowers and leaves and cut them out.


I ironed them in place and then with embroidery silk I spent some happy hours going around all the said flowers and leaves with blanket stitch.
I added some gold sequins with a button on top for the centre of the flowers and then stitched the whole thing to a square of fabric.


I’m quite pleased with my freebie cushion cover – what do you think?
Thanks for reading,
back soon
Love Rosie

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Mini Plaque….

Back to the world of miniatures this week. I was sat at my desk trying to decide what to do, I saw a small piece of wood and started to cut a rectangular piece, sanded down the edges and then picked up more drawing pen and started doodling.
I had been talking to my daughter who had told me about getting hit on the back of her head by a dragonfly … and so I started to draw a dragonfly.
Well it seems as good a reason as any other.

So here’s what I did…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s going to feature in my ongoing drama which takes place on Instagram and is called The Littleton Family Story – click here to see it for yourself.
Thanks for reading,
Back soon, love Rosie

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Sewing machine cover…

I have already made a cover for my sewing machine, and I do love it, but I think it will better suit my sewing room/studio which sadly only exists in my mind at the moment.IMG_7449
As I do all my arts and crafts in my sitting room I try, to hide everything away.
So when I took out my sewing machine to make a yoga mat (I’ll show what I did to make that in a blog soon), I finished sewing and squeezed it back in the cupboard and poked all the wool and fabrics and ribbons and glue etc etc that all live in the cupboard with it and then remembered that I had another project I wanted to sew!

My very understanding husband said I should just leave the machine out on a little side table, but the lovely caravan cover was a little bright and so I decided to make another cover….

I had made a patchwork quilt with some lovely fabric my friend Lisette had given me but the small quilt was just laying on the end of the spare bed and as the colours matched the sitting room furniture I decided to use it to make another cover!


I cut the newspaper pattern the long strip is the width of your machine and the length is the measurement all over the machine from one side edge to the next, and the rectangle pieces are the front and back of your machine,

I sewed it by hand whilst watching the TV, slightly ironic I suppose 6

and then machined some ribbon around the bottom edging.
Green patchwork sewing machine cover

I’m pretty happy with it, and until I get my dream craft room it can stay out of that cramped cupboard.

Thanks for reading,

back soon

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Simple make-over

I had decorated a heart shaped box bought from the Works and had it on my Etsy shop for a while.
But it didn’t attract any buyers so I decided to change it. P1090906
I didn’t really like the heart – cut – out lid so I took it off.
I then decided to simply rub it down and paint it white.
Once done I decided to cover it in a lovely paper I bought from the Literary Gift Company.
(A very dangerous shop indeed…. don’t say you weren’t warned, if you find your purse soon empty!)  IMG_7193 I over lapped the corners to keep it neat!

Then lined the box with felt.
Added a new coat of gold marker to the top edge and that’s it.
Once done I decided to pop the remote controls in it and that is what it is still being used for!
Thanks for reading,
(yes that is a little model railway you can see in the coffee table, I’m not the only one making things in this house!)
back soon, love Rosie

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