What I did with some oddments of fabric….

There’s little I like more than a nice big table of oddments of fabric outside a shop and I have purchased quite a collection…
We had a proper treasure chest style trunk in our home – we found it in the attic of our first house and have used it for papers, toys, shoes etc etc over the years, it’s old and a bit bashed but I love it.
However we recently helped to sort out my mother-in-laws belongings and my husband brought her hallway chest home, luckily I have a bit more room in this house so my old chest has been relegated and we are using this one.
It’s great for storing our walking boots.
The cupboard next to it is next for relegation as I’m having a wooden chair there for a while.

I walk past an upholsterers everyday and last week decided to pop in and purchase a piece of foam.
Then I had a fun time of choosing the fabric. I didn’t have enough of anything to cover the whole thing so it’s now double sided!

The cushion (which will go on the chair) is made up of the left over fabrics so will co-ordinate with either side.

I’ve left one end open with Velcro fastening for easy removal for change or cleaning and I’m going make some more covers sometime, I do like to have a change now and again…My daughter suggested using Christmas fabric – now I do have some of that… just need to find it, looks like the crafty storage cupboard needs another sort out!

I found a button to add to the cushion and then made some simple tassels and voila it’s done.. can’t wait to get that chair in now! 2-1.png

Thanks for reading,
back soon
love Rosie

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Hobbies & Pastimes…

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I took the day off work. My husband set off for Sussex and spent a happy day riding Steam Trains

My daughter and I headed off to Alexandra Palace, London. It’s an iconic venue if a little bit of a trek for us! Well worth it though, the views, even on a very wet Friday are amazing,
We didn’t go just to look at the views though, we were there for The Knitting & Stitching Show

It was a brilliant day, we met so many people all happy to show what and how they make their items, tips were shared and there was plenty to spend our cash on!

We bought :-

  • a goody bag for £6 which was a real bargain as it included a dress-pattern, two knitting/crochet kits, some yarn, two magazines ‘How to knit & Crochet’  & Lets Knit and some yarn (there was plenty to choose from!);
  • a couple of lengths of ribbon which has numbers printed along for cutting and adding to my handmade advent calendar this year (don’t know what I am doing yet but will let you);
  • I also bought some transfer paint… can’t wait to try that, will be posting a blog about my efforts very soon I’m sure!
  • embroidery silk
  • and some Christmas buttons.

We had such a nice time, all around this large venue were smiling faces, indulging in their favourite things, there were loads of classes which we didn’t sign up for, but they looked good.
Plenty of places to collapse and have tea and cake to boost the energy levels to carry on and we stayed there all day.
We also met some incredibly talented people who were showing how to do some wonderfully creative items, from feltingknitting, pom-pom making,  plus so much more.

I can really recommend this show, it’s great if you know what you want and just want to shop but also really good if you have never done any crafting, you can learn just about anything and there’s no judgement, just interested and interesting people having a lovely time crafting.

There is so much being talked about the health benefits from crafting and it must be true… oh there are moments when it all goes wrong and you want to cry, but generally, adults faces (it seems to me) take on the expressions which you generally only see in young children absorbed in play, the total absorption.
This total absorption in what you are doing means that the worry of life gets put aside, even if just for a little while… that can surely only be a good thing?

thanks for reading,
back next week

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Elephant bunting for Ivy…

This summer I visited my very good friend for another holiday in beautiful Suffolk. As in previous years we got to spend a day sewing with lovely Gillian.
If you’re ever in the area see if she has a class going, it’s the very best way to spend the day!

I didn’t go to the class with a fully formed plan but I knew I wanted to make some bunting for a new baby, not due until September but with a name already planned.
So I decided to do some baby bunting,  I knew I didn’t want the usual triangles so I looked through Pinterest for inspiration, I decided on the elephant – can’t remember if it was before or after I saw this gorgeous material – very Elmer-esh don’t you think?
So here’s what I did ,,

First thing was to drawer the elephant…

2Once I had the right shape – Gillian advised on a good shape for cutting and sewing and turning etc…

Five elephants were cut out, with a lovely heart patterned fabric for the back and the ears, plus the letters.
I stitched them together and added the letters for IVY on the three middle elephants.

As you can see I used fabric bonding for the letters and then stitched in blanket stitch with embroidery silk around the letters. I plaited together some of this same silk for tails and added a little bead at the end.
Using the same heart fabric I made the strip for the elephants to be stitched to for hanging. These googly eyes are not for young children, this bunting is not a toy.

Here they are – hopefully baby Ivy (or more importantly her mum!) will like them.
So, what did I learn? Well, if you’re using a pattern with hearts all the same way up – check you’re using it the right way – I had to re-attach the elephants to the tape and had to re-cut a couple of ears… luckily I had sufficient material.


Thanks for reading,
back next week
love Rosie

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A few of my favourite things…

A friend at work used to get me to do cards and pictures for her friends and gave me such amazing information about the said friends that I had plenty to draw.

I always make ‘name’ cards for new born babies and if I know anything about the family I might add a few personal things.

I love drawing and colouring and as we’ve had a week of family worry it’s been good to keep myself absorbed and therefore calm.  So I mentioned this to another friend at work who mentioned her grandchildren, I decided that I would offer to do them a picture, purely for selfish reasons… I was very grateful to be informed of  the children’s interests.

I would never sell these items – the designs are not my own especially in Alfie’s – I knew nothing about ‘Minecraft’ and hadn’t even heard of ‘Fortnite’!

Mermaids, unicorns and cheerleading were definitely easier for me.

Thanks for reading,
back next week, love Rosie

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Hair styles in the 1920’s…

Due to my living half of my life in a miniature world I have been doing lots of research about the 1920’s.

I had planned to make some new dolls from scratch, it’s not as easy as I thought and although I may have made an ‘interesting’ male face;

I’ve had to face defeat and admit to myself that I cannot mould or sculpt a pretty face!

So, I’ve treated myself to a lovely new doll. I purchased her from Mary Williams and she should be just right for my new enterprise.
As you can see my new doll needs her hair making! Mary has some great tips on her website and I found plenty of other ideas on YouTube. P1060311

I’ve been making skull caps with a glue gun, wrapping the doll’s head in clingfilm first.
Once the glue has been left overnight the clingfilm can be removed and the ‘cap’ trimmed where necessary. Then the hair is fixed to the cap, This way I will be able to change the dolls hair style and maybe give the same doll a different character?  Useful in my story telling enterprise! (More to come later in the year)

Here’s some photos of my attempts so far using Viscose wigging and gel. I have now ordered some other colours in the wigging so will be making some more. I need to learn how to make curls… I know with yarn you can wind around a knitting needle and bake. Lots to learn!

Thanks again,
back next week
love Rosie



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Maud Lewis (part 2)…

So as I previously wrote about, I’m really fond of Maud Lewis’ folk art work and I copied one of her designs on a cushion cover. (Maud Lewis (part 1)

Once it was finished I decided to add a little embroidery.
The fabric paint I used feels a bit odd so I added some texture with the sewing which has made the whole thing feel a lot better.
As you can see I pretty much used the same colours as the paint so the look of the design is not really changed.

I kept things simple and just used my favourite embroidery stitch – chain stitch. It is a nice stitch, quite easy to keep even and it is quick to do once you’ve got the knack.

Here’s some close ups of my stitching…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I think it’s complete…

Thanks for reading, back next week,
Love Rosie


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Yarn bombing…

Some colleagues and I have started a little Knit & Natter session at our place of work. We meet once a week and chat whilst creating in yarn or cross-stitch or making pom-poms or whatever we fancy – there are no rules!
One day though, it was suggested that we Yarn bomb the office over Christmas.
As I like to crochet simple items I have fully embraced the idea and have currently stored 5 lengths of crocheted bunting in our office craft cupboard.
I crochet when the TV is on but not totally capturing my imagination, it stops me falling asleep and more importantly snacking!
I crochet on public transport whilst listening to stories on my phone… though crocheting in public does lead to folk chatting to me – which is lovely obviously.

So yarn bombing... what does it actually mean?
Wikipedia has :- Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk. It is also called yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, kniffiti, urban knitting, or graffiti knitting.
It’s positively insane but I love it!

If you’re interesting in learning find a class nearby or, as I do, make use of those patient folk on YouTube who will allow you to pause and repeat over and over and over again – they never lose their patience!

I’ll show some pics of the bunting when it’s up in December!
Thanks for reading,
back next week
love Rosie

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