Crocheting flowers….

I haven’t long been crocheting but now I’ve learned I really love it. The fact that it is so portable means I can crochet on the bus or train travelling to work, actually .

I started making these little flowers after watching a tutorial on YouTube. There are so many people out there showing you how to crochet flowers and leaves, try a few before you settle on one way, people crochet in different ways, the UK and USA have different names for stitches too.

I have purchased some plain cushion covers and napkins recently and made a couple of sets of  napkins and some decorated cushion covers using my crocheted pieces.

Here’s one of my cushions:-

I had a few ‘granny’ squares in my craft cupboard and decided that I could use these as little backings for my flowers.

IMG_0646 So as you can see in this picture, I sewed a crochet leave on the green square, and then a flower on top and finished it off with a pretty button in the middle.

I did three of these squares  4

Once I had the three squares ready, I placed them on an off white cushion cover and sewed them in place.
That’s it, all done. Here it is in situ on my garden chair…

Thanks for reading, back soon
Love Rosie

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‘A’ personalised gift…

I recently realised that a friend was going to be turning 21 and I decided to do a little crafty gift. These little chests of drawers are from The Works and are made from MDF. They are well made and sturdy and I love decorating them, I’ve drawn on them, stuck paper on them, fabric and made them in all sorts of colours.

This one I decided to personalise with an ‘A’ on the front and then I started doodling daisy-like flowers and just kept going…
Here’s what I did :-


Once it was all covered in pink and turquoise Sharpie I coloured the petals in using white crayon and then I started to add a little extra gold…


and that’s it, all done. Just need to get a little something to put in the drawers – jewellery I expect and that’s it, ready to wrap and gift.


Thanks for reading,

Back soon, Rosie

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Cutlery box for the Littleton’s…

A few friends have totally embraced the whole dolls house adventure I am currently on  and they come up with ideas for the storylines, others are freaked out by it all….tee hee

One of the former came back from lunchbreak to say she had seen some little doll house bits and bobs in the shop Tiger. I went there as soon as possible and this little cutlery set was purchased, along with a gardening set and some copper saucepans. All for a very good price!

So the cutlery set has been the first to feature in a story for the Littletons (that’s the name of the family who reside in the dolls house).  The story I used to bring in the cutlery set was that Mr Littleton and his young daughter Victoria had visited Hever Castle in Kent (UK) and met Mr Astor who lived there and who renovated the castle greatly.

After they had enjoyed a lovely day, I said that they returned home with a lovely big gift! When they open the box it’s the cutlery! Generous chap Mr Astor …

So here’s what I did with the cutlery purchased from Tiger:-
It came in a plain little wooden tray with 6 compartments, so with a strong craft knife I cut it in half so I just had three trays.
I coloured the inside red to look fancy! and the rest black and gold.


Then I used the plastic cover it came with (I hope it looks like glass at 1/12th scale and in black and white)  again I cut in half and used a little clear tape as a hinge.

I added a blob of gel all around the edge and attached a little brass fastener to make a little opener and voila that’s it. Mrs Littleton loves it very much.


the new cutlery box

Thanks for looking
Back soon, Rosie

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Light-up box

I recently bought this little box – I was looking for a box frame to put my commemorative 50ps in but this was reduced in price and I couldn’t res44-2590-4 LED Light Frame

It was just white though with the tree in black and of course, I couldn’t leave it like that! So I got a few blue felt pens and just started drawing wriggly lines and continued until I had covered the whole thing.

mmm         hhh

It now looks fine in the daytime and I really like it when it lights up. It has a setting so it will be on for 8 hours and then turn itself off    untitled

Thanks for reading



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Painting a skirt…

I bought a white skirt from a charity shop recently and decided to decorate it… I found my fabric pens and started doodling and this is what I did…

I drew these circular patterns all the way from hem to waist and then added some embroidery



I sewed the buttons into the centre of the little circles, added dots to fill in the panel and that was it….

Thanks for looking,


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Lunch & Learn…

Today, as part of lunch and learn at work, I took a short class about using a drawing app on my phone it’s great fun and I really enjoyed it.  The app is called ‘Sketches‘ and is very easy to use (obviously much easier when you have someone showing you!)

In our little class our teacher showed us all the pens and brushes you can use, I used my phone and another colleague used an iPad.
As our teacher said maybe instead of tense games so many people play on trains and buses you could try to expand your creativity and have a little draw too…

Here’s a link to my first effort (it’s of the little garden area outside my back door where I had stopped for a cup of tea) when I got home.

Thanks to @ikekepania I'm having a little break and drawing what I can see! #drawing #lunchandlearn

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and here’s my teacher’s work…

Thanks for reading, I’ve a couple of days off next week so hopefully will be busy crafting!
Back soon,
Love Rosie




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A miniature photograph frame….

A recent story line in my Instagram post about the folk who live in the dolls house involved a school photograph.

I used a school photograph taken of the school I am actually using (it is now closed) and printed this photograph quite large so that my little pupil could add herself in to the picture.

Once done, I shrunk the picture down and printed it out so it could appear in the dolls house.

I needed a frame and decided I could make a simple one with card, a little acetate, some gel pen and a silver marker.

Here’s what I did…

dfgdg  it’s a bit blurry – it’s pretty small!
Here’s the version used in the storyline, IMG_7504.JPG                  if you look carefully the girls all have fresh flowers pinned on them, hence the rather clumsy attempt here…

So, once I had my mini picture I cut out some card and acetate. Coloured the card with silver marker


I ensured that I coloured the edges silver – a real silver frame wouldn’t have white edges ….


ererrrr.png   img-0009.jpg

and then cut a frame from some more card and coloured that silver too. I stuck a little card stand on the back so they can place it on a shelf or the sideboard.
I stuck everything together and then added a little embellishment with a silver gel pen. Looks a bit blobby at this size but hopefully you get the idea.

And that’s it, all done.

Thanks for reading,
back soon, love Rosie


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