Confession time….

My name is Rosie and I am addicted to Roberts Radios…there I’ve said it. I can’t help it, I know it’s bordering on an illness but I love them.

So it was with great sadness that I noticed one of my first of these gorgeous things was shedding it’s skin! The vinyl covering was peeling off and it looked rather sad and dare I say it …. tatty.

So last Sunday I decided to give it a little upcycle and peeled off the remaining layer. Then started a simple square pattern with Sharpies. I had to keep changing pens as it ruined the nibs but as I have a few Sharpies (understatement of the year) it was fine. I kept to a restricted palette of yellows and greens.

When I finished I just smeared a little yellow paint over the whole thing and then gave it a coat of my favourite glitter paint.


You can pay to get these recovered professionally which could be a better option but for now this will do for me.

Thanks for reading, back next week

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Just a quick little change….

I bought a box years ago and use it to store my paintbrushes in, it’s just covered in a paper and the other weekend whilst sitting at my desk trying to decide what I wanted to do, I found myself staring at just the thing. My boring old box.
I decided to cover it …
So I removed the catch and gave it a good rub down.
Then I selected a pack of papers I had recently picked up at The Works and started cutting up a selection.
I splodged some PVA glue on the box and started laying the papers on.
I overlapped the curved top and with plenty of PVA both under and on top of the paper I massaged it over the curves.

I left it to dry and then trimmed any papers that needed it and gave the whole thing another coat of PVA.
I screwed the catch back on and voila it’s got a new lease of life and goes with my room colours more.
It was only when photographing it that I noticed the missed section on the front! This has now been rectified.

Thanks for reading
Back soon, Rosie

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Canal Art Inspired…

After a recent trip to Derby, in the East Midlands of England, where I visited a lively pub next to a lock and saw some really gorgeous canal art… I felt inspired to have a go.

I had these wooden condiment and napkin ring set which were old, a little tired and decided that, when I had a little free time I would have a go at this ancient skill.

So with a day to myself I started.
First I painted everything with black acrylic paint and set it aside to dry. Acrylic paint dries quickly thank goodness as I was eager to get started.

I gave myself a restricted palette, plus yellow and green. 21

Once the black was dry I painted green blob shapes which will be the leaves, and once again left to dry, patience is a virtue… it’s really worth the wait, though so tempting not to!

Once dry I mixed up some pink and started painting the sweeping petal shapes. This obviously takes practise which I plan to do but I’m reasonably happy with the results I got.

The other flower is a blue daisy or cornflower type flower and it is started with a blue circle…then the petals are added in white finally a little yellow dot in the middle.

With white paint I added occasional groups of 3 dots.
With the white painted petals over the pink flowers and the yellow detail on the leaves the painting is finished.

I varnished everything and here they are finished. I may put them on my Etsy shop – good enough to sell?



Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week!
Love Rosie



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Failing my self imposed challenge…?

I’ve had a madly busy few weeks, plus one week out of action with a re-occurrence of a debilitating virus and have run out of my stored drafts regarding makes and have made nothing new …. oh well, I’ve had a good run.
But wait! I haven’t revealed all the items I made for a magazine, my daughter saw an advert for craft article writers and I was so excited to get selected, sadly it wasn’t to be as…. although my article was accepted, sadly the magazine went out of business before my work was published.

But the work is mine, though the makes were ‘suggested’ by the editor.
So here’s one.. (the items had to be Autumn and/or feather related).

So, here’s my feather gift tags and hand drawn gift wrap also covered in feathers.
A few real feathers from Hobbycraft added to the photos…

Feather gift tags
1. Either draw your own or use the feather templates to cut out feather shapes in your choice of patterned paper or card, a scalpel and cutting mat are useful but you could use scissors.
2. Score down the centre of the feathers and gently fold 5
3. Write your message on the top feather and fix two or three feathers together to create a unique gift tag!
4. Buy or make your own feather wrapping paper by either drawing feathers or using a stamp
5. Punch a hole through all layers of the gift tag and thread through with the raffia or suede lace and decorate with feathers

Materials: Patterned paper from The Works;
suede lace, raffia and feathers from Hobbycraft,
feather stamps available from Luck&Luck

Thanks so much for reading, I’ll get something done for next week!
Love Rosie



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Baby name cards…

Whenever a friend or colleague has a baby I try to do them a name card, some names are easier than others, a five letter name is my favourite as it fits well with my teddy bear design.  My friends have the reached the age that it is now grand-children who are arriving but I’m carrying on my card making.  I know a lot of these cards are framed and some are used as name plates on bedroom doors which is very flattering.

I have blogged about doing these before but although there are similarities the cards are actually all different so here’s how I do them.

I start by drawing lines across the card to give me guide lines as to the size of the letters and pencil in the name. I like to do fat letters so I can decorate them with drawings inside the lines.  Before I ink in the letters though, I add the teddy bear or doll or whatever takes my fancy at the time. I like to place the ‘bear’ behind the letters but with a little overlapping. Yes there have been many times when I have got confused hence the pencil lines first!

Once I’m happy I usually start to ink in the letters first. Then I draw the ‘bear’ using dotty lines to show the furry edge…IMG_1213 - Copy

I’ve left this image large so you can see the pencil lines and the way the bear is over the letter in places and under in others.

Once I’m happy with the drawing, I rub away the pencil lines and start to colour in. Sometimes I go straight in with watercolour paint, sometimes I use bold felt pens but my most favourite medium is ‘water-soluble colouring pencils‘. Love, love, love them.
The colours are vibrant, the control is great and I can’t recommend them enough. Here’s a great YouTube clip showing you just how great they are.

Once it’s done, I allow it to dry thoroughly and pop it in the envelope.
I often use ready cut cards from Hobbycraft or The Works. The card is creased ready to fold.

thanks for reading.
back soon



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Paper banner…

A while ago I was asked to do a birthday banner for a good friend and colleagues birthday party. I had great fun drawing and colouring this and when asked if I could make another for his grand-daughter I was thrilled to oblige.
I was provided with a list of her favourite characters from Peppa Pig to Peter Rabbit and I went to town!
Later on I was asked to do another, again with a list of characters and finally recently one last one for the older brother.
Here’s what I did for him… I confess the character’s are all copied, you’ll probably recognise them! But the idea of adding them to individual letters is mine, I haven’t tried to do the characters with the same initials as that just gets too tricky.
But I had such fun doing them. No wonder colouring in is so popular nowadays, I used Sharpies and they are so good. Memories of using felt tip pens as a child are full of the pens running out or getting fluffy points, opening them up and using the inside bit, getting covered in the ink in the process….
So here’s ROBERT (each letter is on A3 card)

dinosaur – the R has dinosaur type footprints all other it.

Next the O – this was a challenge, a transformer!

This time I did the Bee logo for this character – the logo was on the website along with the transformer.
OK , next came I tried to be clever and do the B out of Lego bricks but it just went wonky and wrong, but I like the Lego people so just did them! If you look carefully you can just see the little Lego bumps all over the B.16Right now the E.
12   15-1.png this was my favourite. I liked doing the bricks on the letter and I really like his little legs! (Spiderman)
So, now another R
13 I find vehicles hard to do so I cheated and just put half the fire truck in this one.
Final letter coming up…
17.(Batman – cheated and hid half his bat mobile!)
All done, I stuck a length of red ribbon to the tops with double sided tape, so it can be strung up on a bedroom wall.
3 10 16 15 13 17
I had such fun doing this that when I heard that a family member had a 6th birthday coming up I did a little version for him too… I can’t do these to sell – copyright issues and all that but happy to do one for anyone – just let me have the details!
1-2-e1548444247986.png   2-4.png   3-4.png   4-3.png4-3.png
I knew this boy was a fan of JCB, Judo and Thomas and was so pleased to see he liked Spiderman (got to do those little legs again!)

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week with something new.
Love Rosie







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Crochet hook case…

I’ve mentioned before about the gorgeous material my friend gave me, after a sort out of my material stash and noticing that I had a broken, plastic, useless case for my crochet hooks, I reached the conclusion that I needed to make myself something.

I chose two different materials which I think go together very nicely.

I cut three rectangles – wide enough to take my hooks. The blue was put together with the right-sides out and the yellow was folded over (a run of my favourite stitch was done along the top of the fold – see above) and placed on top.
I’m sure there are plenty of patterns and instructions on how to make a case like this but I was impatient and just jumped straight in!

I then started to stitch some random sized ‘slots’ through both pieces of fabric but with the yellow creating the pockets. I marked them first using a straight edge.

Once I got to the end I made a couple of ties.

Then stitched the raw edges over – mostly with the machine but completed the thick corners by hand.16.png

 I stitched the ties on and finished the ends neatly.
And is that, I’m very happy with my new case.

Now, I know I have overused the embroidery stitch on this, but you see the thread is lovely to use, my machine was happy (and it sometimes doesn’t like doing anything other than a straight stitch – so I went a little overboard, it’s just for me though and I like it!)

Thanks for reading
Back soon, Rosie

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